Lion D - Heartical Soul (2015)

“HEARTICAL SOUL” the new and much awaited album of Lion D, italo-nigerian artist, rated as the revelation singer all over Europe reggae scene, will be available in all
records shops and digital platforms as from Tuesday March 31st. The album will be out under the well known Bizzarri Records label and will be distributed by Self Distribution. One year ago Lion D left for Shengen Studio in Kingston, Jamaica where he spent several months working side by side with one of the most famous reggae producers in the world: Alborosie.

“HEARTICAL SOUL” unites the talent of two excellent Italian artists who have combined their great passion for music and for reggae, creating an explosive cd with a very ‘Jamaican’ sound, made of twelve brand new tunes and of a dub version, too. The album is entirely produced by Alborosie, who, both took care of the artistic production and played drums, base, keyboards and guitars in almost all the songs and who involved in this project. Some of his best musicians: Tony Tarantino and Dave “Fitzroy” Green and Sid Gaetani of Bizzarri’s crew.

A work paying tribute to Roots Reggae, moreover the presence of one of the great artists of world reggae scene as Ken Boothe can only strengthen this theory. Other artists featuring in “HEARTICAL SOUL” are Mr Vegas in “Jamrock Nice” and the outstanding voices of Kemar Williams and Sandy Smith in “Rude Bwoy Thing” and “Talk About Love”, next single to be released very soon. 'Heartical Luv', Ruff inna Town' and 'Blaze Up' are the first three singles anticipating the release of 'Heartical Soul', the new album due to be released on March 31st from Bizzarri Records and distributed in Italy by Self.



Genres: Reggae
Released: Mar 31, 2015
 2015 Bizzarri Records

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01 Intro
02 Rules Of Babylon
03 Ruff Inna Town
04 Heartical love ft Alborosie
05 Blaze Up
06 Talk About Love ft Sandy Smith
07 Inna the red
08 Hold a Vibe ft Mr Vegas
09 War Inna DI dance
10 Be Strong
11 Rudeboy thing
12 Slow Down ft Ken Boothe
13 Ruff Inna Town Dub Version



About the Author

Lion D

Lion D

Lion D (David Andrew Ferri) was born in London of an Italian mother and a Nigerian father and was raised in Pesaro, Italy where he moved at a very early age with his mother. After getting familiar with reggae music when he is very young, he soon grows a deep passion for it and starts writing songs in jamaican patwa. As time goes on, his passion for reggae gets deeper and stronger, leading him to take part to several dancehall all over Italy with various sound systems in occasion of concerts of national and international artists, introducing his show in a peculiar 'conscious' style. As from 2007 he starts releasing his first singles ('Keep The Fyah Burnin'', 'Real Warrior', and 'You Know That I Love You') and in 2009 his first album titled 'The Burnin' Melody' is out under Bizzarri Records label. In 2011 a second album is released, titled 'Reap What You Sow', a collection of his best singles released for different european labels and of brand new songs recorded for Bizzarri Records. As a result of the success of his albums, his live performances grow in intensity, leading
him to perform all over Europe and in Usa too for two years, getting a very good feedback as far as audience and critics are concerned.
In 2013 'Bring Back The Vibes' is out, a further confrmation of his collaboration with Bizzarri Records. It is is a roots reggae album including the singles 'Nuh Ramp' featuting reggamaffin veteran Skarra Mucci and 'Try Afta You', an original revisiting of Inner Circle hit titled 'Sweat - A la la la la long', entering in the top ten reggae all over Europe. In summer 2013 Lion D opens the concerts of many reggae stars such as Lone Ranger, Israel Vibration and Snoop Dogg, too.
In 2014 he spends three months in Jamaica recording his new album with Alborosie and, when back, he opens all his concerts in Italy. In summer 2014 he also performs before Alpha Blondy at Gusto Dopa al Sole in Salento. Lion D style is a combination of several sounds having as common origin reggae: from dj
style to new roots, to modern dancehall. His songs written in excellent jamaican patwa.