• Who Knows DUB - Taj Tenfold x Protoje

    Who Knows Dub- the collaboration artwork with Winta James, Protoje and Chronixx is the second title piece for the Audio-Visual EP "TENFOLD: Opus". The project is a collection of collaborative Visual pieces with producers and musicians, in which we interpret each others work to come together for one audio-visual piece.

    This piece was inspired by the duality of inner peace and anxiety.



    Visuals by: Taj Francis
    Produced by: Winta James
    Performed by: Protoje and Chronixx


    TENFOLD / Overstand Entertainment / In.Digg.Nation Collective

  • Travel Wide (2014)

    Travel Wide è il terzo album dei Sisyphos, band Reggae-Dub altoatesina...

  • The Skints - FM (2015)

    Following the announcement of their signing with celebrated label Easy Star Records, reggae-dub four-piece The Skints are excited to reveal to their highly anticipated third album, FM, due for release on 9th March.

    Set on the hottest day in the city on record at imaginary London pirate radio station The Big FM / Frequency Murderation, 103.Skints, the album is inspired by a time when the young band used to drive around in guitarist Josh Waters Rudge’s car, tuning in to the radio and trying to find new music.

    Pulling from various influences ingrained in the group while growing up listening to a number of different styles and sounds, FM is The Skints’ fitting tribute to the radio culture they love as music fans. Progressing through the bubbling sound of grime and garage to summertime sound system reggae, roots, dancehall, traditional rocksteady, Motown soul and punk, the East London-based group takes listeners on a whistle-stop tour of the capital’s underground culture in their latest venture.

    With Prince Fatty back in the producer’s chair adding his signature take on the genre, the album also features a host of exciting guests including reggae legends Tippa Irie and Horseman, grime MC Rival (all playing alter-ego roles as the station's DJs), and even a surprise vocal cameo by comedian Rufus Hound.

    Having finished 2014 in style, taking to the road on the Ja?germeister Music Tour alongside Me First and The Gimme Gimmes and performing at London’s historic Brixton Academy in the process, 2015 promises to be another heavy year for the four- piece. With a headline tour of the UK, France, the Netherlands and Germany confirmed for April, including a date at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, plus the band's debut USA venture booked for May, The Skints show no signs of slowing down upon the release of FM, for which further details are soon to be unveiled.

  • Suns of Dub & Ministry of Dub presents Dub Choir EP (2015)

    Suns of Dub & Ministry of Dub presents Dub Choir EP (Music by BuzzRock Band) a 9 track live band Dub, Roots, Reggae EP, featuring BuzzRock band from Trinidad & Tobago exclusive iTunes Pre-Order Available Now!!! OFFICIAL RELEASE : FEB 17, 2015

  • Reggae Singles Vol.1

    Primo volume della serie "Reggae Singles", tanti artisti famosi con le loro uscite più recenti...

  • Protoje Feat. Chronixx- Who Knows (Dub Mix)

    "Who Knows" is the first official single from Protoje's third studio album, Ancient Future, scheduled for release in 2015. This is the new Dub version mixed by Gregory Morris.

    Sharing insight into their early conversations, which began as far back as 2010, Protoje recalled, "Chronixx and myself, from the first day we met, have talked about doing music together when the time was right. The stars have now aligned." The song is an anthem for the free spirited, unrestricted by the opinions of others and the perception of inadequacy. The video shows the day starting off with all going well, and as the day presents certain challenges, we keep moving nevertheless with a positive attitude.

    Behind the scenes of the "Who Knows' video: http://youtu.be/cRmdMb74bh0

    Protoje & Chronixx - On meeting & the making of "Who Knows":

  • Protoje - Answer To Your Name - brand new single!

    Answer To Your Nameis the 3rd Official single from the album Ancient Future,produced by Winta James and Lewis Planter.Pre-Order out now bit.ly/ancientfuture. Check out!








    Like to tell you a story about a girl I know

    Or should I say a girl I used to know

    1971 inna England

    Fresh off the plane to my dame inna Brixton

    No, she never ask 'bout flight

    Two month now no telegram write

    Hey, she send taxi fi I

    She gone a some house party tonight

    So call me artical like

    Make a few call get a couple invite

    Inna the place me gone

    Never leff Yard from the day me born

    Right up front who me staring pon

    You can tell say a she by the way she gwaan

    Christine, Christina, Crystal

    Try all a dem and she still never respond

    Understand, catch a pree from a distance

    Man hand gone inna pants fi a six-pance

    Whoa! Tuff guys beside her

    She naa reply when I say hi to her

    So dem go try bring violence in the parr

    Need I remind these kind that I nuh war

    So me turn fi walk away

    But a likkle voice in my head start talk to me

    Tell me walk right pass her

    To the sound, take the mic and ask her

    Girl! Why don't you answer to your name?

    Girl! Why don't you answer to your name?

    And girl I know you see me

    And you know I see you too

    So what is it gonna be

    Tell me what you wanna do

    What's with this great mystery

    After all that we been through

    Now you're refusing to look my way, eh

    My likkle darling

    Know she stay so from morning

    Where she grew was appalling

    Want fi make it right so she take the flight

    Heard the city lights calling

    From the day she been crawling

    All she hear bout is foreign

    Say we a keep the link

    Now wah me fi think see the plans dem sinking

    Deep, new year reach

    Accent gone pon all part a you speech

    Don Gorgon dem u waa fi go meet

    Like she be the real topanaris a street

    Please, watch how me calmness a do it

    Naa bat a lid, as a morning I leave

    But how me fi walk right pass you miss

    Haffi look inna you eye and ask you this

    And I know you know what I'm talking about

    Girl see you in the crowd and act like she don't know

    But me naa take no stylin', no punkin' or no joke


    Girl why you dweet (Girl why you dweet!)

    Girl why you dweet (Girl why you dweet!)

    No it no sweet (No it no sweet!)

    No it no sweet (No it no sweet!)


  • No-Maddz "Shotta" - Brand new videoclip!

    No-Maddz "Shotta"(produced by Sly and Robbie) is the second single release from the "Sly and Robbie presents No-Maddz" upcoming Album. Check it out!


    Buy No-Maddz "Shotta"


    No-Maddz "Shotta" (Lyrics)


    From him get up in the morning
    Haffi pop it off
    Top shotta nuh laugh, people scream and bawling
    Haffi pop it off
    All station staff

    Verse 1

    Just a little squeeze off the trigger
    Love tot hear the sound of the gun when it fires
    Love to see people get flat and scatter
    Change their good, good names, now they are shottas
    Whole heap of things them youths yah don't remember
    Like when their mothers used to change their diapers
    Take them to school, pay all the teacher
    Evening comes, daddy provide the dinner
    When they're sick, their mothers bleach with them at doctor
    Now them a walk, rape, rob and murder
    AK 47 in a hand over shoulder
    Daddy got a glimpse and him pants full a water
    Wee Wee, Mr bad to the bone


    From him get up in the morning
    Haffi pop it off
    Top shotta nuh laugh, people scream and bawling
    Haffi pop it off
    All station staff

    Verse 2

    Bap, man dead out a street
    Daddy hear on the news say him one boy do it
    Mama belly ban, head in a hand
    Asking Lord, what me do wrong
    Why fi mi one boy turn gunman
    A wonder if a the company weh him keep
    A wonder if a true, him used to love roam the street
    Used to love roam the street (times 4)

    Bridge 1

    Shotta beat it till a morning
    Nah hear when mama calling
    Him full a tough chat and talking
    And a run when big dogs barking


    From him get up in the morning
    Haffi pop it off
    Top shotta nuh laugh, people scream and bawling
    Haffi pop it off
    All station staff

    Bridge 2
    Mama, Babylon a carry me in a jeep
    Them a box and a kick me, mama don't make them do it
    Mama, from mi little and a grow, me afraid a soldier and me don't like police

  • New Kingston - Kingston City (2015)

    New Kingston’s Kingston City has impressively debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae chart. Kingston City (released January 27, 2015 on Easy Star Records) is the band’s third studio album and their first release to claim the #1 spot on the Billboard Reggae chart. The album is also their first release on the leading US reggae label Easy Star Records. The family group, which features three brothers (Stephen, Courtney Jr., and Tahir) and their father, create what Top Shelf Reggae calls, “…a genuine body of work that displays an incredible vocal range, candid lyrics and impressive instrumentals. It gives the listener the sort of meaningful connection and escape that every piece of music should provide.”

    “With its #1 debut on the reggae chart, Kingston City solidifies New Kingston’s place with the reggae elite. Their hard work, prolific touring, and positive community continue to give the band momentum in 2015,” says Easy Star CEO Eric Smith. He adds, “Furthermore it’s thrilling to see a fast rising New York band who embodies the perfect balance of old and new reggae sensibilities.”

    The new record includes 12 songs and guest appearances by members of Tribal Seeds, Hawaiian singer-songwriter Kimie Miner, Sister Carol, The Wailing Souls, and the late, great reggae legend Sugar Minott. The band is currently on tour (which includes select dates with Common Kings and Through the Roots) showcasing songs from the new album and back catalog. Press accolades for Kingston City have been pouring in from a diversity of national and international media outlets.

  • Miley Cyrus & Don Corleon - Wreking Ball in DUB (2015)

    Don Corleon presents Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" in DUB...check it out & share the vibes! 





  • MELLOW MOOD VIDEO: Interview with Lorenzo Garzia and Giulio Frausin @ Reggae.Today

    MELLOW MOOD VIDEO: Interview with Lorenzo Garzia and Giulio Frausin @ Reggae.Today  

    Copyright © 2015 Reggae.Today
    All rights reserved.

  • Mellow Mood - Sufferation (Live 2015)

    Reggae.Today presents this amazing performance by Mellow Mood playing "Sufferation" from their stunning new album "2 The World". Live set in Conversano (BA) Italy @ "Casa Delle Arti", check it out and stay tuned for more news about Mellow Mood!


    Mellow Mood - Sufferation (Live 2015)

  • Mad Professor on Dub Concepts & Recording Techniques

    Mad Professor discusses everything from dub concepts to hihat mics. Check it!

  • Mad Professor meets Prince Fatty in The Clone Theory (2015)

    The Mad Professor and Prince Fatty are up to no good. Mixing experiments have led to the succesfull cloning of Earl 16 and Winston Francis...The nuclear transfer formula having succesfully worked on Studio One legends empowered the dub master and his assistant to keep going. Little did they know that the Clone Theory didnt have the dynamic range to contain both a sound system MC and drummer in one duplication. Once the fusion chamber was turned on to full wattage Horseman started to mutate with devastating consequences...

  • Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System present "Black Ark Vampires"

    Happy Halloween! On "Black Ark Vampires" Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System have crafted a throbbing sound-man tune propelled by subsonic bass, bubbling skanks, and pulsing beats that balance the murky and mystical vibes of Perry’s classic Jamaican dub reggae recordings with the flammable energy and bass vibrations of current electronic music, fine tuning a recipe that they have slow cooked throughout their last four years of U.S. tours spreading authentic dub to a new generation in places like Coachella, Dub Champions Festival, and Red Bull Music Academy. Lyrically the track features Perry’s most focused lyrics in a decade, a poignant oath of vengeance against the vampires that corrupted the ark of the covenant and forced him to burn down his famed Black Ark studio, told in comical rhymes that echo the cadence of a Dr. Seuss story coupled with the morbidity of Edgar Allan Poe, promising the details of where, when, and how he will kill these vampires, from Kingston to London to New York City and everywhere; vampires beware; he will kill them with his hair, with fire, with electric wire, and even with roast corn. Melodically the tune packs soaring vampire hooks, spiritual vocal choirs, groaning melodica bursts, and even a few lines from dancehall vocalist Jahdan Blakkamoore, produced and recorded by Emch at his Subatomic Sound laboratory in NYC. Scratch’s vocals were recorded in Brooklyn at the Hook Studio after an NYC performance with the production assistance of On-U Sound’s legendary Adrian Sherwood, producer of some of Perry’s finest post-Jamaica recordings. The session was filmed by a Dubspot video crew after a long drive through NYC during which Perry recounted the better part of his life story as a warm up for the session.

    At the age of 78, Lee "Scratch" Perry has built a life based as much on his fame as a reggae and dub inventor who exhibited boundless creativity and innovation in music composition and production, as he has on his reputation as a madman with playful wit, a propensity for lighting things on fire, a natural mystical spirituality that he famously introduced to Bob Marley, and his defiant individuality and commitment to personal freedom. "Black Ark Vampires" brilliantly ties together these divergent characteristics to create classic Lee "Scratch" Perry material on all levels.

    Perry loves to dance and loves dancehall. His nickname actually comes from the name of dance he invented called Chicken Scratch. During his tours with Subatomic Sound System, Scratch had a voracious appetite for hearing new sounds and was interested in the "Vampires & Informers" dubstep track Subatomic Sound System had produced for dancehall vocalist Elephant Man. Perry began performing on the riddim live which led to developing the lyrics for Black Ark Vampires and Subatomic developing a riddim for Perry that captured his vibes. Though Perry is known for seldom giving straight answers and many have wondered if he really burned down the Black Ark studio, Emch from Subatomic Sound System says that one night after performing a show in California, he and percussionist Larry McDonald, a Black Ark studio veteran, were talking backstage when Scratch told them the reasons for his own longevity: "Stress will kill you. That’s why I had to burn down the Black Ark." He said the popularity of the studio had attracted the vampires who came to suck him dry and corrupted the magic of Black Ark, but rather than let that slowly destroy him like a cancer, he chose to close the book on that chapter of his life and move on by torching the studio and making an exodus to the UK leaving the vampires with nothing but the ashes.

    THE SUBATOMIC SOUND LABEL: Subatomic Sound specializes in limited edition exclusive vinyl releases that push the envelope of dub, reggae, & dancehall in the context of electronic bass music through forward sounding productions and unlikely collaborations with icons such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, David Lynch, Anthony B, Elephant Man, Ari Up of The Slits, as well as new school torchbearers like Dubblestandart, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Dub Gabriel, and many more. Subatomic Sound actively produces events and founded the annual Dub Champions Festival running 4 years in the USA and Europe. Subatomic Sound Radio airs on Brooklyn Radio and for three years ran on KEXP’s Radio New York, 91.5FM broadcast which transmitted to a footprint of 11 million listeners.

  • Kiddus I & The Homegrown Band - Take A Trip [Iroko Records 2015]

    Kiddus I & The Homegrown Band "Take a Trip"is the brand new single for the veteran reggae singer Kiddus I before the release of his new album scheduled for February. Check it!







  • JOHNNY OSBOURNE VIDEO - Interview with Johnny Osbourne - Reggae.Today

    Reggae.Today interviewing Johnny Osbourne the legend of reggae. In this interview Johnny speaks about the new Jamaican reggae talents: Romain Virgo, Chronixx, Protoje and Christopher Martin together with the veteran Jah Cure. Going on, he underlines the different approach of Americans, Europeans and Jamaicans to reggae. At the end he emphasizes the use of technology in music but he ,obviously, prefers creativity.     

    Copyright © 2015 Reggae.Today
    All rights reserved.

  • John Brown's Body - Kings and Queens In Dub (2015)

    Almost two years to the day after releasing the beloved KINGS AND QUEENS - which topped the Billboard Reggae Chart and reconfirmed John Brown’s Body’s status as one of the most influential American reggae bands - JBB returns with KINGS AND QUEENS IN DUB. Taking inspiration from landmark dub albums by Burning Spear, Aswad, and others, the new record features the entire sequence from KINGS AND QUEENS dubbed out by a who’s who of dub champions including Ticklah, Dubmatix, Dubfader (of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant), UK legend Dennis Bovell, Yesking, Michael G (of Easy Star All-Stars), Lord Echo (of The Black Seeds), and more.

  • Jah9 & Puraman - Revolution Lullaby feat. Sheldon "Atiiba" Bernard

    Official Release 2 November 2014...Coronation Gift! Check out the full version!


    Lead Vocal: Janine Cunningham
    Backing Vocals: Jah9 & Bregt " Puraman" De Boever
    Flute: Sheldon "Atiiba" Bernard
    Percussion,BASS, Melodica, Guitar, Organ & Piano & Accordeon: Puraman

    Produced by Puraman at the Lost Ark studio(BE)
    Composers: Janine Cunningham & B. De Boever



  • Jah Cure - Life We Live

    Every so often Jah Cure blesses us with one of those anthems—a song so good that it’s basically guaranteed to play from now until Kingdom Come. Today must be one of those days, because we just can’t stop running this tune. It’s the kind of song that grabs you from the first line and never lets go. The track, a dubby, dreamy yet crispy take on “Heaveneless,” was produced by ‘Sketch’ Carey for Iyacure Productions. This is the first single from an upcoming album that’s supposed to be released later this year, but if this song’s any indication we need that album like right now. Cure mentions Bob’s name in his lyrics, which would be ill-advised for your average reggae singer. But Cure is anything but average, and he’s in rare form on “Life We Live”. So light up another one and let the music play. Have no fear. This is the life the life the life we live. Audio After The Jump…
    Everytime You Hear This Song Put Your Lighters Up. Run that…

    Torna il grande Jah Cure con il videoclip di Life We Live, brano che anticipa l'uscita del suo prossimo e imminente album. La nuova song di Jah Cure è un classico brano one drop su base dub, caratterizzato da liriche conscious che rimandano ai messaggi di Marley. Ecco il testo della sua nuova tune:

    Jah Cure - Life We Live

    Every time you take one step
    Something pulls you back
    But you get back up each time you fall (aye)
    Wicked people and bad mind
    Lurking in the dark
    But I have no fear I walk with Jah (aye)

    Turn the world off
    And turn the music on
    Just light up another one
    Relax and just close your eyes (oh ooh)
    Natural mystic is in the air
    Bob Marley says have no fear
    Everything is going to be alright
    Some days you're up and some you're down
    Weak today, tomorrow strong
    Some you'll lose and some you're going to win (aye)

    That's the life the life the life the life we live
    The life the life we live (wooo wooo wooo)

    Every time you hear this song
    Put your lights up
    Keep the fire burning in your soul (yeah)
    Good vibrations everywhere
    Feel it in your bones
    Too blessed to be stressed is what I sing (aye)

    Turn the world off
    And turn the music on
    Just light up another one
    Relax and just close your eyes (oh ooh)
    Natural mystic is in the air
    Bob Marley says have no fear
    Everything is going to be alright
    Some days you're up and some you're down
    Weak today, tomorrow strong
    Some you'll lose and some you're gonna win (aye)

    That's the life the life the life the life we live
    The life the life we live (wooo wooo wooo)

    That's the life the life the life the life we live
    The life the life we live (wooo wooo wooo)