• Yaadcore Reggae Aroma - TWAM Edition 2014

    Reggae Aroma - The We Are Massiv Edition 2014 is the new mixtape from Yaadcore. This new mixtape includes conscious tunes from reggae stars like Micah Shemaiah "Lion Of Judah", Raging Fyah "Dance With You", Pressure "Serious About It", Protoje "Stylin'" and many more...

  • Who Knows DUB - Taj Tenfold x Protoje

    Who Knows Dub- the collaboration artwork with Winta James, Protoje and Chronixx is the second title piece for the Audio-Visual EP "TENFOLD: Opus". The project is a collection of collaborative Visual pieces with producers and musicians, in which we interpret each others work to come together for one audio-visual piece.

    This piece was inspired by the duality of inner peace and anxiety.



    Visuals by: Taj Francis
    Produced by: Winta James
    Performed by: Protoje and Chronixx


    TENFOLD / Overstand Entertainment / In.Digg.Nation Collective

  • Shaggy ft. Chronixx - Bridges (2015)

    Music video by Shaggy alongside Chronixx performing Bridges...share the vibes!

    Shaggy ft. Chronixx - Bridges (2015)


    A bet you wish you never burn that bridge
    Oh no cause now your like the crosses

    I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
    Oh no cause now your like the crosses

    I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
    Oh no cause now you like the crosses

    I bet you wish you never burn that bridge
    Oh no cause now your like the crosses

    (Verse 1)
    Climbing up the ladder you better watch your steps
    Watch how you a flex and watch the moves you meck
    Careful of the people you disrespect
    Dem wi rosicrucian man nah tek no check
    Cause when you coming down they might not wanna treat you right
    And when you coming down that’s when you gonna get the fight
    And now your wishing that you were a little more polite
    And now the table turn and everything a come to light

    (Repeat Chorus)

    (Verse 2)
    It’s no coincident the people you meet
    You haffi careful how you move in the street
    The same man you pass when you going up
    When you coming down, him a laugh and a grin him teeth
    Grandma say today for you, tomorrow for me
    That’s when you have to face your real sorrows for real
    I know you wish you never burn your bridges
    But who cyaa hear haffi feel
    A cyaa believe yo burn it, yo burn it, a weh you a go walk
    When you haffi cross the river in a dark
    You burn it, you burn all your bridges in the pass
    Now your future lead you to the same path

    (Repeat Chorus)

  • Reggae Singles Vol.9 (Reggae.Today) - out now!

    Reggae Singles Vol.9 is the new playlist from Reggae.Today with the latest reggae hits. This playlist includes big tunes from reggae stars like Luciano & Pinchers "Stop Invest In Crime", Chronixx & Inner Circle "News Carrying Dread", General Degree "Feeling Irie" and many more! Turn up the volume and enjoy our new selection!

  • Reggae Singles Vol.5

    Nuova raccolta con tanti i nuovi singoli del panorama reggae mondiale...

  • Reggae Singles Vol.1

    Primo volume della serie "Reggae Singles", tanti artisti famosi con le loro uscite più recenti...

  • Ram Jam Riddim (2015)

    Silly Walks Discotheque presents: Ram Jam Riddim (megamix) featuring , Shaggy, Chronixx, Protoje, Sara Lugo, Exco Leviand many more…check it out!

  • Protoje Feat. Chronixx- Who Knows (Dub Mix)

    "Who Knows" is the first official single from Protoje's third studio album, Ancient Future, scheduled for release in 2015. This is the new Dub version mixed by Gregory Morris.

    Sharing insight into their early conversations, which began as far back as 2010, Protoje recalled, "Chronixx and myself, from the first day we met, have talked about doing music together when the time was right. The stars have now aligned." The song is an anthem for the free spirited, unrestricted by the opinions of others and the perception of inadequacy. The video shows the day starting off with all going well, and as the day presents certain challenges, we keep moving nevertheless with a positive attitude.

    Behind the scenes of the "Who Knows' video: http://youtu.be/cRmdMb74bh0

    Protoje & Chronixx - On meeting & the making of "Who Knows":

  • Noisey Jamaica II - The Reggae Revival feat. Chronixx and Protoje - Episode 2

    In this episode of Noisey Jamaica II there are the new young reggae artists Chronixx, Protoje and more. These artists are leading the way for the reggae revival both with their new found commercial success. Major Lazer's Walshy Fire talks to these artists to find out what's really fueling this reggae revival.

    Secondo episodio dell’interessante serie Noisey Jamaica II presentata da Walshy Fire di Major Lazer e dedicata al movimento Reggae Revival e ai suoi protagonisti. In questo episodio ascolteremo Chronixx, Protoje e tanti altri…take a look!


    Episode 1/6

    The second edition of Noisey Jamaica is a look into the revolutionary new young reggae movement led by charismatic artists like Chronixx and Jesse Royal. Presented by Major Lazer's Walshy Fire and also featuring controversial new dancehall artists like Alkaline, Noisey Jamaica travels from downtown to the beaches to report on one of the most exciting periods in Jamaica's rich musical history, including a look at the influence of Vybz Kartel, currently incarcerated for murder.









  • Ninja Crown - Loaded the Reggae edition (2014)

    Loaded the Reggae edition is a Mix with absolutely no skipping! You will want to play whether in the car, the kitchen, on the plane or at work.

  • Mystic Revealers featuring Chronixx - Herb Must Legalize Now

    Check out the brand new herb legalization anthem from Mystic Revealers and Chronixx. Worldwide release coming February 3rd. Enjoy!







  • Mamanera Summer Mix 2014

    Al prodigioso DJ Charly è affidato il nuovissimo mixtape marchiato Heavy Hammer: Mamanera Summer Mix 2014...

  • Inner Circle featuring Chronixx & Jacob Miller "Tenement Yard (News Carryin' Dread)"

    Its OFFICIAL... Chronixx , Inner Circle , & Jacob Miller's "TENEMENT YARD (Remix)" is going to be released on iTunes this Tuesday, January 6, so GET READY !!

    Miami, Florida ~ Grammy winning, Bad Boys of Reggae, Inner Circle team up with Reggae Revival's superstar Chronixx for the anticipated music video "Tenement Yard (News Carrying Dread)."

    "Dreadlocks can't live in a tenement yard ~ too much watchie watchie watchie, too much su-su su-su su"

    In Jamaica, a tenement yard is a shanty town or Jamaican ghetto.

    The lyrics explain why Rasta need more freedom from people watching their every move and chatting their business.

    Jacob Miller and Inner Circle originally recorded this big classic tune 'Tenement Yard' in 1976. Jacob Miller was the lead vocalist for Inner Circle, and the band flourished with Miller's humorous antics and vocals. Tragically, Miller met in an untimely car accident in 1980 which took his life. Inner Circle and Chronixx pay tribute to the late, great Jacob 'killer' Miller with the release of the music video "Tenement Yard."

    Inner Circle's success is also attributed to the broadening of their professional skills, creating a complex called 'Circle House.'

    Circle House Studios is one of the most prominent recording studios.

    Inner Circle has toured all points of the globe and 2015 promises to be a stellar year for the group. Early next year they head to the Philippines and Jamaica. "Bad Boys" became a household word a with the major success of the television program 'Cops,' and the success of the group has skyrocketed and still moving up.

    Young producers such as Don Corleon, Stephen 'di genius' Mcgregor & Supa Dups have embraced Circle Village, bridging the generation gap in reggae and creating a vibrant atmosphere.

    Chronixx is a young Jamaican artiste who has recently acquired international attention and success. He is considered one of the top Reggae Revival artistes that is the future of reggae music. His intellectual and lyrically potent issues are relevant to the return of the heights of reggae. His father, Chronicle, encouraged Chronixx to write and create tunes from a very early age, He is way ahead of his years, singing and producing music at only 22 years old.

    This exciting combination with Inner Circle and Chronixx is set for release early January 2015.


    Inner Circle Chronixx Jacob Miller Tenement Yard Behind The Scenes

    Inner Circle featured Chronixx on their Jacob Miller Classic Record Tenement Yard. The video was shot in Miami Florida in the Little Haiti area. It was directed by Gil Green & Damian Fyffe for 305 Films.


  • Heavy Hammer Sound - Reggae Calling - Mixtape [Free Download]

    Now that the last copies have been delivered all over the world , we’re finally ready to release online our last REGGAE CALLING mixtape! Including special featurings of Jah Cure, Omi, Jessie Royal, Alborosie, Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Romain Virgo, Lion D, Loyal Flames, Gappy Ranks, Dalton Harris and many more, Reggae Calling brings you the latest reggae vibes straight out Jamaica.

    After the incredible success of "Welcome Back * Good Reggae Music", REGGAE CALLING is the result of another international project, printed in a real cd in few thousands of copies, released on august 2015 and sold out in only 3 months, but never released on internet until now, because reggae music, at the end, stays in places where a cd still rules in your hands, because no mp3 can’t really satisfy your eyes.

    Heavy Hammer Sound

    Take a listen of some good reggae songs, mixed and delivered by your favourite sound system now! ENJOY!

  • Dread & Terrible (2014)

    Dread & Terrible è il nuovo progetto di Chronixx, giovane e popolare singjay giamaicano...

  • Don Corleon Dub Mix - Inner Circle, Chronixx, Jacob Miller "News Carrying Dread"

    Super Producer Don Corleon does an exclusive Dub Mix of Inner Circle's "News Carrying Dread" on the Tenement Yard Riddim. It features Jamaica's rising star Chronixx & a sampled voice of Jacob Killer Miller THE LEGEND!







  • Cultivator Riddim (2014)

    Il roster di Cultivator Riddim è notevole , da Sizzla con Sweet To My Brain...

  • Chronixx & Inner Circle ft. Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard (News Carryin' Dread) [Official Video 2015]

    Chronixx & Inner Circle ft. Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard (News Carryin' Dread) [Official Video 2015] 


    Video directed by Gil Green & Damian Fyffe
    Label: Soundbwoy Entertainment


  • Chronixx - Play Some Roots (Ram Jam Riddim) by Silly Walks Discotheque

    Brand new tune! Chronixx's "Play Some Roots" on the Ram Jam Riddim produced by Silly Walks Discotheque. Riddim Composed by Silly Walks Discotheque & Jr Blender, Mastered by Stefan Flad @ Red Kitchen Mastering (http://www.redkitchen.de/), artwork by TYPEHOLICS (http://typeholics.de/), Please Support Reggae Music and buy the song legally to keep the music alive! Spread it if you like it!



    PREORDER THE RAM JAM RIDDIM NOW: http://geni.us/RamJamRiddim


  • Chronixx - Jamaica Capture Land Tour Announcement

    Chronixx and Zincfence Redemption Jamaica Capture Land Tour Pt.1 from March 11-15, 2015.