• Ziggy Marley talks about Bob Marley's 70th Birthday!

    Ziggy Marley recently took some time to sit down and talk about celebrating Bob's 70th birthday and why they wanted to share Easy Skankin' with the fans. Check out the interview!

  • Yung J.R Gets Ready To Release Debut EPK "Start The Movement"

    The cover photo for roots reggae artist Yung JR’s EPK “Start the Movement” has been released. The EP set to be released in spring 2015 is the first for the upcoming artiste. Ababa Reid, the son of renowned reggae artiste Junior Reid has been familiar with music from an early age looking up to not only his father but other great artistes such as Hugh Mundel and Ini Kamoze. Yung JR gained recognition following the release of his first official single “Raggamuffin”. By the time his second single “General” was released Yung JR seemed to have gained a rather large fan base both locally and internationally.
    Currently on tour on the west coast with U.S. Reggae band Natural Vibration, Yung JR also recently appeared on the popular reggae show, Rebel Salute. Produced by himself and brother Adoney Reid, the EPK is said to include productions from Adoney himself, Zinc Fence Records, Digital B Records, Flash Hit Records and Bassick Records.
    When asked about his journey and the inspiration behind his “Start the Movement” EPK, Yung JR had this to say, “It’s a joyful yet humble feeling. The inspiration really came from my I and my brother regular reasoning where we saw the need to create a musical project and incorporate a practical aspect to it. We believe music should not just stop at recording and performing but really getting out there to give a helping hand where needed and participating in events that’s for the good of mankind.”





  • Yung J.R @ Munchy's Yaad - Episode #1 [2015]

    Munchy welcomes new talents, great voices and positive spirits at her home in Kingston to introduce them to the Reggaeville massive. Get to know interesting personalities with deep talks and discover new music at Munchy's Yaad.

  • Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? #20 INNER CIRCLE [February 2015]

    This edition's topics: Jo Mersa, Capleton and Marley brothers highlighting the 9 Mile Festival in Miami, Florida / Festivities on February 6th in celebration of Bob Marley's 70th birthday / Inner Circle remembering the late great Jacob Miller and working on new album and riddim selection with rising stars from the new roots movement / Reggae Month in Jamaica with Dennis Brown Tribute, JaRIA Honour Awards and Blue Mountain Music Festival attracts fans from all over the world / Co-Host: Inner Circle

  • Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? #19 REBEL SALUTE SPECIAL [January 2015]

    This edition takes you on a full Rebel Salute experience with live impressions by Tarrus Riley, Iba MaHr and Third World, backstage insights and of course interviews with Tony Rebel, Etana and Jesse Royal. For more videos, photos and interviews check the full report at http://www.reggaeville.com/nc/festiva...

  • Walshy Fire Presents Promise No Promises - Draw We Out

    Walshy Fire & Ziggy Blacks Productions - present the official video for Promise No Promises single “Draw We Out” from the “No Can Do” Album.
    The official video was shot on location in St. John’s, Antigua - by Music Producer & Visual Artist Justin “Jus Bus” Nation and edited by Eyefoto Antigua and Jus Bus Respectively.

    Since the release of Promise No Promises - P.N.P’s 17 track reggae album the “Draw We Out” single has been generating a massive buzz, being featured on numerous radio stations across the Caribbean - and soon to break on the international reggae space.
    The video emphasizes the true to life context of the lyrics being delivered on this track, where the artist speaks about the life of those living in a state of mental frustration, a situation that is common the world over. The artist demonstrates his versatility, style and flavor as he expresses his concerns for society today - identifying some of the obstacles that are hindering the advancement of the lower class of people in this world. He warns not to be “ drawn out” - getting oneself involved with wrongdoings to sustain your living nor succumbing to the pressures of life allowing for the ruining of one's mental capacity.

    “Draw We Out” - is the first official video directed by Antigua’s own famed music producer / visual artist “Jus Bus” who has been making a name for himself through his many affiliations with local and international artist. It is also his directorial debut “Jus Bus” is also known for his role in the production of the “Gyal Season Riddim” - that featured artist such as Busy Signal, Etana and Romain Virgo & Snoop Lion's "Smoke the Weed" from the grammy award nominated album "Reincarnation.















  • VirtuS - My Sound - Out Now!

    My Sound, the new album by VirtuS, is out now in all digital stores. My Sound immediately placed #1 in the Itunes Charts for Italian Reggae albums in its first two days of release.

    Featuring special guest appearances from Kg Man, Tormento, Janahdan, and WsW Wufer, My Sound showcases VirtuS's incredible versatility both as a vocalist and producer, through his rare talent to sing, toast, and rap in a range of languages (Italian, Calabrian dialect, Jamaican Patwa and Spanish) and his stylistically diverse and musically adept production.

    After his summer tour and previous shows in France, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal, the official My Sound album tour will start this Winter, 2015.

    VIRTUS - MY SOUND (Official video HD)

    Video by RedGoldGreen & Alternative Productions
    Director: Matteo Montagna
    Assistant director: Federico Forgia
    Scenography by Isham Romarocco, Lion's Way Sound System
    Actors: Sara Oumouhand, Ivano Di Battista, Giulia Pucci
    Prod., Mix, Arrangement: VirtuS MuziK
    Mastered by Emiliano Rab


    1. My Sound
    2. Reggae in Italy
    3. Dabadabadam
    4. L.o.v.e. feat. Tormento
    5. Non lo sai (You Don't Know)
    6. La solita vecchia storia (The Same Old Story)
    7. Vivi (Live)
    8. Reggae Ragga Skat
    9. La mia dancehall (My Dancehall)
    10. L'invisibile feat. JanahDan (The Invisible)
    11. Gimme the party feat. WsW Wufer
    12. Cry & smile feat. Kg Man
    13. Baby girl
    14. Cerca (RMX) (Search)

  • Twinz (2014)

    “Twinz” is the third and latest album of Italian reggae band MELLOW MOOD, and will be released on iTunes and digital stores by independent label La Tempesta International.

  • Travel Wide (2014)

    Travel Wide è il terzo album dei Sisyphos, band Reggae-Dub altoatesina...

  • TRAIN TO ROOTS - Ever (UK Steppa Version) RMX

    Brand new video coming from Train To Roots. Check out “Ever (UK Steppa Version) RMX”, produced by Antonio PapaN'tò Leardi. Big Tune Listen Now!

    Free Download @ http://bit.ly/EVERrmx

    Produced by Antonio PapaN'tò Leardi
    Mastering: Filippo Tonisan Mulas presso Cuba rec Lab
    Label : INRI

    Shoot by Bruno Mameli "EYE ME" & Fame126
    Editing by BaSart.it & Fame126


    Sottovalutati e senza considerazione

    Parte del futuro di una povera nazione

    Figli di uno stato controllato dagli inetti

    Hanno i loro pregi, escludiamone i difetti

    A bwoy got more trubles because he run pon di rubble

    Feelin’ pain feelin’ toil stand alone like survivor

    Me tell yuh madda and fatha protect your son an your dawgtah

    Da future so matta so memba teach ya di lova

    Now me tell let free da youth dem fi nah lose di betta tings

    Cause freedom is a righta, first bwoy needs fi live

    Experiences an mistakes a di life pon da street

    Like a techa spread di cultah street a school fi da kidz

    Da youths a da future of dis mad world

    Don’t let dem suffah protect dis genration

    A great life for tomorrow

    Because da youths know di solution

    Evah evah mi a streetbwoy rude for evah

    Burn pon di concrete and grow inna di city rit.

    Nevah nevah lose di trust fi mi bredda

    Respect fi da crew dem, da bwoys me seh a rude dem

    Me seh believe in yourself an mek annadah step forward

    While yuh fight for your wellness dem a pushin yuh backward

    Da evil an baddest yah could be your worst nightmares

    Life is a biz for warriors

    Yuh haffy work fi walk alone improve your knowledge build your destiny

    A tuff because yuh got no one support in dis society

    Yuh check yourself youth

    Before wreck yourself

    And tomorrow will be bliz an more easy train a tell

    Cun sa conca e su rispettu che besseisi ommisi

    Poni tottu in giugu chi ti paridi de intendi

    Kust’otta megu a nai cun coru no’ ti frimmisi

    Poidi incummintzai sa gherra, ghetta bandu e ghettadi

    Da youths a da future of dis mad world

    Don’t let dem suffah protect dis genration

    A great life for tomorrow

    Because da youths know di solution















  • Total Reggae – One Drop (2014)

    Total Reggae – One Drop is a rich collection of tunes which Reggae.Today suggest...

  • Together Not Apart (2014)

    8-piece funky reggae outfit Backbeat Soundsystem will have their first full-length album, TOGETHER NOT APART, coming out...

  • Tiken Jah Fakoly - Le prix du paradis (Official Video 2015)

    Music video by Tiken Jah Fakolyperforming Le prix du paradis. Check it out!




    Le prix du paradis, extrait de l’album « Dernier Appel » de Tiken Jah Fakoly : http://po.st/DernierAppeliTunes
    Réalisé par Jessy Nottola


  • The Way Back Riddim (2014)

    The Way Back Riddim è il nuovo riddim prodotto da Akom Records...

  • The Sound (2014)

    Pressure Busspipe, artista delle Isole Vergini Americane, pubblica The Sound...

  • The Kings Book (2014)

    The Kings Book segna il ritorno sulle scene di Conrad Crystal e Suga Roy...

  • The Banyans feat. Big Youth - Judge I [Official Music Video 2015]

    "Judge I" is the new music video for The Banyans featuring Big Youth.Roots reggae vibes...enjoy!





  • Tarrus Riley - Honesty (Island Treasure 2015)

    Brand New single from Reggae artist Tarrus Riley! "Honesty" is a cover of Billy Joel, a roots soul reggae tune, produced by Island Tresure.

    Now Available in all Digital Stores World Wide



  • Sweet Reggae (2014)

    Il giamaicano Delly Ranx presenta il suo quinto album dal titolo Sweet Reggae, disco prodotto da Very Important Sound Records...

  • Suns Of Dub Meets Mighty Crown (Far East Mixtape 2015)

    An exclusive showcase featuring specials, dubs, unreleased & released tracks from the catalog of Suns of Dub w/ Mighty Crown exclusive cuts & plates. This 40 Track fusion of Dub, Reggae, Roots, Dancehall, Drum & Bass, Edm, Rockers, Hip Hop & more is mixed by Mighty Crown with over 75mins of Music, its the fitting follow up to 2013 Major Lazer x Suns of Dub Mixtape.