• Zion Train Riddim (2014)

    Grandi talenti per lo Zion Train Riddim a partire dal nostro Alborosie...

  • Total Reggae – One Drop (2014)

    Total Reggae – One Drop is a rich collection of tunes which Reggae.Today suggest...

  • The Kings Book (2014)

    The Kings Book segna il ritorno sulle scene di Conrad Crystal e Suga Roy...

  • Specialist presents Alborosie & Friends (2014)

    Specialist presents Alborosie & Friends è una doppia raccolta di 24 combination che Pupa Albo ha realizzato...

  • Reggae Singles Vol.4

    Reggae Singles Vol.4 è una playlist ricca di grandi canzoni...

  • Reggae Singles Vol.3

    Secondo appuntamento con le uscite più recenti del panorama Reggae...

  • LION D VIDEO - Interview with Lion D - Reggae.Today (italiano)

    LION D VIDEO - Interview with Lion D - Reggae.Today (italiano)
    Interview by Gigi Piccolo and Angelo Tarantino


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  • Lion D - Heartical Soul (2015)

    “HEARTICAL SOUL” the new and much awaited album of Lion D, italo-nigerian artist, rated as the revelation singer all over Europe reggae scene, will be available in all
    records shops and digital platforms as from Tuesday March 31st. The album will be out under the well known Bizzarri Records label and will be distributed by Self Distribution. One year ago Lion D left for Shengen Studio in Kingston, Jamaica where he spent several months working side by side with one of the most famous reggae producers in the world: Alborosie. “HEARTICAL SOUL” unites the talent of two excellent Italian artists who have combined their great passion for music and for reggae, creating an explosive cd with a very ‘Jamaican’ sound, made of twelve brand new tunes and of a dub version, too. The album is entirely produced by Alborosie, who, both took care of the artistic production and played drums, base, keyboards and guitars in almost all the songs and who involved in this project. Some of his best musicians: Tony Tarantino and Dave “Fitzroy” Green and Sid Gaetani of Bizzarri’s crew. A work paying tribute to Roots Reggae, moreover the presence of one of the great artists of world reggae scene as Ken Boothe can only strengthen this theory. Other artists featuring in “HEARTICAL SOUL” are Mr Vegas in “Jamrock Nice” and the outstanding voices of Kemar Williams and Sandy Smith in “Rude Bwoy Thing” and “Talk About Love”, next single to be released very soon. 'Heartical Luv', Ruff inna Town' and 'Blaze Up' are the first three singles anticipating the release of 'Heartical Soul', the new album due to be released on March 31st from Bizzarri Records and distributed in Italy by Self.

  • Lion D - Blaze Up (Bizzarri Records 2015)

    Lion D "Blaze Up"is the brand new single from his upcoming album Heartical Soulproduced by Alborosie. Check it out!

  • Intervista con Alborosie - Reggae.Today (italiano)

    Abbiamo incontrato Alborosie  in occasione della sua ultima data italiana, al termine della serata inaugurale del prestigioso festival Gusto Dopa al Sole, che si tiene in Salento da ben quindici anni. Reggae.Today vi fa ascoltare il messaggio di Alborosie per tutti i suoi fans italiani, prima della lunga pausa che lo terrà lontano dall’Italia fino al 2016. Il concerto del Pregusto 2014 è stato indimenticabile. Il grande artista italo-giamaicano non si è risparmiato, offrendo una prestazione memorabile, una potentissima performance di tutte le sue hits che Reggae.Today ha raccolto in questo video con alcuni momenti del concerto.

  • Heavy Hammer Sound - Reggae Calling - Mixtape [Free Download]

    Now that the last copies have been delivered all over the world , we’re finally ready to release online our last REGGAE CALLING mixtape! Including special featurings of Jah Cure, Omi, Jessie Royal, Alborosie, Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Romain Virgo, Lion D, Loyal Flames, Gappy Ranks, Dalton Harris and many more, Reggae Calling brings you the latest reggae vibes straight out Jamaica.

    After the incredible success of "Welcome Back * Good Reggae Music", REGGAE CALLING is the result of another international project, printed in a real cd in few thousands of copies, released on august 2015 and sold out in only 3 months, but never released on internet until now, because reggae music, at the end, stays in places where a cd still rules in your hands, because no mp3 can’t really satisfy your eyes.

    Heavy Hammer Sound

    Take a listen of some good reggae songs, mixed and delivered by your favourite sound system now! ENJOY!

  • Big remix per Madaski!

    Madaski realizza il remix di Rock The Dancehall, brano presente su Sound The System, l'ultimo album di Alborosie. Nelle mani del maestro dubmaster degli Africa Unite, il brano rivive nella sua nuova versione dubstep, regalandoci una perla musicale che vede affiancati, dopo 20 anni, due colonne portanti del reggae made in Italy. Vi linkiamo il video presente su YouTube nel canale ufficiale degli Africa Unite.

  • Alborosie Meets King Jammy – Dub Of Thrones (2015)

    VP Records/Greensleeves is happy to announce the April 14th, 2015 worldwide release of Alborosie Meets King Jammy – Dub Of Thrones, a historic pairing of one of Jamaica’s most pivotal dub legends King Jammy with the modern day Italian-born dubmaster Alborosie. The album includes a fully-illustrated package by Tony McDermott, Greensleeves Records’ go-to artist for almost four decades known for his iconic cartoon imagery depicting Jamaican music. The mostly instrumental collection will be available on CD, limited edition vinyl and digitally.

    Mixed by Alborosie at his Shengen studio and King Jammy at his studio in the Waterhouse district of Kingston, this old-school meets new-school clash delivers an authentic dub reggae listening experience. With speaker-shaking, neighbor-waking and no-prisoner taking bass, this is designed to be played at high volume for maximum effect.

    Alborosie and King Jammy plan to tour in support of this release throughout the summer. Dates will be announced at another time.

  • Alborosie Dub Thrones LIVE @ Shengen Studio

    Shengen Studio - Kingston Jamaica, from the album King Jammys & Alborosie "Dub of Thrones", Alborosie presents "Dub of Thrones live". Enjoy!






  • Alborosie - Rocky Road (Official Video 2015)

    Music video by Alborosie performing "Rocky Road" directed by Tony Fisher © 2015 Shengen Ent.Check it out!


    Alborosie - Rocky Road (Official Video 2015) 


  • Alborosie - Poser (Official Video 2015)

    New music video by Alborosieperforming Poser,directed by Tony Fisher © 2015 Shengen Ent | Oufah Music...check it out!



  • Alborosie - Poser - brand new hit single!

    Alborosie - Brand new Single Poser | Shengen Entertainment 2015. Check it out!