• Village Riddim (2014)

    Nuova produzione per il team austrico Irievibrations, da Luciano...

  • Tempo 93 Riddim (2015)

    Black Roots Music Labelpresents Tempo 93 Riddim,a new strong roots riddim featuring Jah Cure "Another Game", Luciano "Only Human", Chezidek "Jah is All We Need",Ras Shiloh "Need That Love"and Ed Robinson "Time To Move On". Enjoy!

  • Rose Moet Riddim (2014)

    Reggae artist Delly Ranx's record label Pure Music Productions presents "Rose Moet Riddim". The intoxicating riddim features the sounds of Grammy award winner...

  • Rokwon Drop Riddim (2014)

    Rokwon Drop Productions presenta il suo Rokwon Drop Riddim...

  • ReggaeMiles Riddim (Jugglerz Records 2015)

    The Reggaemiles Riddim Selection features worldwide artists such as Luciano, Perfect Giddimani, Exco Levi, Cali P, Million Stylez & Ras Manuel, Zagga, Gappy Ranks, Rebellion the Recaller and more. Check it!

  • Reggae Singles Vol.9 (Reggae.Today) - out now!

    Reggae Singles Vol.9 is the new playlist from Reggae.Today with the latest reggae hits. This playlist includes big tunes from reggae stars like Luciano & Pinchers "Stop Invest In Crime", Chronixx & Inner Circle "News Carrying Dread", General Degree "Feeling Irie" and many more! Turn up the volume and enjoy our new selection!

  • Reggae Singles Vol.10 (June 2015)

    Reggae Singles Vol.10 (June 2015) is the new playlist from Reggae.Today with the latest reggae hits. This playlist includes big tunes from reggae stars like Kabaka Pyramid, Don Carlos, Ibah Mahr, Tarrus Riley, Gappy Ranks, Luciano and many more! Turn up the volume and enjoy our new selection!

  • Luciano feat. Avaran - Where There's A Will There's A Way (Prod By Golden Kid)

    Brand New Luciano," Where There's a Will There's a Way" featuring "Avaran" the Bahamian Sensation . Produced By Golden Kid. Be the first to like this hot shot. In stores February 2015. Another Blaza Music Group Production. Check it out!





  • Luciano & Pinchers - Stop Invest in Crime (Run Things Records)

    Brand new single for Luciano& Pinchers! "Stop Invest in Crime"is produced by Run Things Records.Check it out!





    Luciano & Pinchers - Stop Invest in Crime (Run Things Records)

    Pincher- messenger so long the wicked man have bin planting the seed of sorrow.
    Luciano- and that`s why this whole world is in a mess ,
    so lets turn to our interlect and see if we can clean up this wreck.
    Luciano along side pinchers, bandelero come cross
    Pinchser- stop invest inna crime, pleased don`t spend another dime.
    nuh food nuh inna pot and every body belly flat , and round deh back a crazy k`s & crazy 9
    Luciano- stop from invest inna crime, pleased don`t spend another dime.
    to make it to deh top -yuh better stop and take a stack, but don`t corrupt di youth dem mind.
    verse 1
    pinchers - know food nah run, but di boss a mek yuh fire big expensive gun.
    Luciano - know shoes -that`s a uppers with a tongue ,my youth mi wonder how yuh manage di burning hot grong.
    Pinchers- weh yuh sleep -him tell mi seh a grong ,my youth a 30 bed dem sell for di price of dat gun.
    Luciano- crazy shot a pop and man a dead a road- so much youths a dead, den how di don so proud.
    chorus - pinchers & Luciano.
    Vers 2.
    pinchers - logger head - stop being a logger haed -nuff youth nah nuh sense out deh.
    Luciano - teach dem to make a bread- insted a buss di led , how much youth a get dash weh.
    Pinchers- there most be a better way for di youth of di day, i tell dem crime don`t pay.
    Luciano- yuh give dem gun and never give dem breakfast , so dem dead inna di streets a try to rich fast.
    chorus - pinchers and luciano.
    vers 3
    Pinchers - yes it hard out deh and wi know, plant good seed and just let it grow.
    wi will reap any ting weh wi sew , cah seh yuh never know -yuh like to be a o
    seet - yuh cah trust di youth dem weh a guard yuh head.
    Luciano- sick head a sick head , hot head nyam any bread.
    Chorus - Pinchers and Luciano .


  • Luciano - Solid Like Rock (LTL Records 2015)

    Luciano "Solid Like Rock" single off the upcoming riddim "Hungry Dayz" from Larger Than Life Records/Loud City Music, check it out!

    Released by:

    Larger Than Life Records/Loud City Music



  • Luciano - In The Name Of Love (2015)

    The track entitled “In the Name Of Love” comes with a reggae version and also an acoustic rendition for all those musical connoisseurs who appreciate the more subtle delivery. “In The Name Of Love” is just the first of a string of new recordings that will be coming directly out of the Luciano stable, culminating into a new album to be released later in the year.



  • Luciano - Change Dem Ways - brand new single

    Brand New single from Reggae artist Luciano! "Change Dem Ways" is a roots rock reggae chune, demanding positive change, produced by Nicko Rebel for Nicko Rebel Music, LLC.


    Rebel-Store: www.nickorebelmusic.com/music-store
    Social Link up:
    Soundcloud: @nickorebelmusic
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nickorebelmusic
    Twitter: twitter.com/nickorebelmusic

  • Lots Of Signs Riddim (2014)

    Yet another musical offering from John John Records with "Lots Of Signs Riddim". The latter features the smooth sounds of legendary reggae crooner Sanchez "Black Princess", Anthony B "Police", Bushman "Hard Time in the City", Luciano "Johnny Too Bad"...

  • Living Heart Vol.1 (2014)

    È in ricordo del padre scomparso che Kareem Remus Burrell pubblica questa compilation di materiale inedito...

  • LandLord Riddim (2014)

    Known for their dedication to authentic dancehall beats and voicing top veteran acts in the industry, John John Records latest release "Landlord Riddim" is now available  distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital.

  • Jah Mission Riddim (2014)

    I Strong Records presents "Jah Mission Riddim". The album features such reggae notables as Luciano with "Too Rude", Mikey General with the title track "Jah Mission", Lenn Hammond "Time", Josie Mel "My Baby" and Milton Blake "Against The Wall".

  • International Business (2014)

    Kg Man fa il suo esordio discografico con International Business...

  • Dubkasm meets Luciano & Turbolence - Jah Victory!

    After causing shockwaves throughout the world of reggae and beyond, Dubkasm’s seminal instrumental smash ‘Victory’ has travelled from Bristol to Jamaica and back again. This new version is voiced by Luciano, arguably the greatest roots reggae singer of the modern era, and veteran deejay Turbulence, who steps up with a fiery, righteous counteraction.

    With its tough, unstoppable rolling bass, unique percussion and crisp, driving horns, the original version was the bestselling roots release of the decade. The exclusive dubplate of Luciano’s incredible performance has been a fixture at soundsystem stalwart Aba Shanti’s dances for the past year, and is finally available on 12-inch, backed with Turbulence’s all-new deejay militancy.

    Both performers stay true to the spirit of the original, bringing out different sides of the Dubkasm ethos: Luciano is soaring and jubilant, while Turbulence chats pure and unflinching reality, delivering his most unforgettable chorus since breakout hit, ‘Notorious’, in the process.

    Each vocal is followed by an uncompromising, deep, old-skool dub, with crackling delays and thunderous spring reverb. Mastered on ½” tape at the world-famous Stardelta studio and cut to 180g vinyl, the pressing does full justice to the depth of the music; you can hear every hi-hat and every last vocal inflection. This is an unmissable release.

    Available from 9pm GMT onwards on Wednesday the 3rd Dec at www.rwdfwd.com

    Format: 180g 12” Vinyl
    Label: Dubkasm Records
    Cat No: DUBK-025
    Release Date: 3rd Dec 2014
    Distribution: Cargo Records / Dubwise
    Riddim: Victory!

    Track Listing:

    A1: Jah Victory - Feat. Luciano
    A2: Qabalah Dub
    B1: Right There - Feat. Turbulence
    B2: Right Version

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • DISOBEY Riddim VIDEO MEDLEY 2015 by Rebelmadiaq Sound

    Rebelmadiaq Sound presents: DISOBEY RIDDIM VIDEO MEDLEY. Available on 7" & Digital Download. Check it out!




    Download: https://rebelmadiaq.bandcamp.com/rele...

    + info:


  • Disobey Riddim (2015)

    Rebelmadiaqpresents Disobey Riddim.An intense reggae production that gets the conscious, combative and community spirit of this music. OUT ON FEB 17th. 2015
    Limited edition of 200 copies. 2 x 7" vinyl. pre order at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Includes front and back packing designed by Cisco KSL. Great Pressing, High Quality Sound.
    Get your copy!