Still Bones Riddim (2015)

Austria-based record label House of Riddim has released a brand new riddim selection called “Still Bones“. Out in the streets on March 20th 2015. “Still Bones” riddim by House of Riddim, features appearances by: Anthony B, Perfect Giddimani, Natty King, Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal, Hawkeye & Skarra Mucci, Ganjaman & Junior Randy, Natural Black, Papa Michigan, Super Beagle, Tydal, Stikki Tantafari, Fitta Warri, Elijah Prophet, Black Dillinger, Hornsman Coyote.


Produced by
House of Riddim


Hornsman Coyote – Still Bones
Perfect Giddimani – Still
Anthony B. – No Hippocrate Friends
Hawkey & Skarra Mucci – Can’t Stand It
Papa Michigan – Highgrade
Natural Black – Prisoner Of War
Ganjaman & Junior Randy – Alphabet
Natty King – Free Ghetto Youths
Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal – Never Again
Fitta Warri – Don’t Wanna Face
Tydal – Coward
Elijah Prophet – Rebel With A Cause
Stikki Tantafari – Skank To The One Drop
Black Dillinger – Love Is The Answer
Super Beagle – Rock My World
House Of Riddim Band – Still Bones Selection (Version)

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