• Out now! Notis & Iba Mahr Ft. Tarrus Riley - Diamond Sox Remix {Official Video}

    Notis & Iba Mahr Ft. Tarrus Riley - Diamond Sox Remix {Official Video} By Jay Will Films



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  • One Hour with Burning Spear

    The biggest living icon of the "rising style", Burning Spear, is the first artist that Reggae.Today has chosen...

  • Nuova tune per Lion D & Raphael

    Catch The Vibesè la nuova big combination tra Lion D e Raphael. Il brano, registrato sul nuovissimo Pretty Looks Riddim, si avvia ad essere un sicuro successo estivo. Lion D, in attesa del suo nuovo album che sarà pubblicato in autunno, ci regala questa deliziosa tune. Ottimo lavoro per i due talenti italiani che, insieme ai francesi della Flash Hit Records, hanno dato nuova vita a questo valido riddim.


  • Nuh Worry Unu Self (2014)

    Sizzla pubblica il suo 71esimo album, una manciata di buone tunes...

  • No-Maddz "Shotta" - Brand new videoclip!

    No-Maddz "Shotta"(produced by Sly and Robbie) is the second single release from the "Sly and Robbie presents No-Maddz" upcoming Album. Check it out!


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    No-Maddz "Shotta" (Lyrics)


    From him get up in the morning
    Haffi pop it off
    Top shotta nuh laugh, people scream and bawling
    Haffi pop it off
    All station staff

    Verse 1

    Just a little squeeze off the trigger
    Love tot hear the sound of the gun when it fires
    Love to see people get flat and scatter
    Change their good, good names, now they are shottas
    Whole heap of things them youths yah don't remember
    Like when their mothers used to change their diapers
    Take them to school, pay all the teacher
    Evening comes, daddy provide the dinner
    When they're sick, their mothers bleach with them at doctor
    Now them a walk, rape, rob and murder
    AK 47 in a hand over shoulder
    Daddy got a glimpse and him pants full a water
    Wee Wee, Mr bad to the bone


    From him get up in the morning
    Haffi pop it off
    Top shotta nuh laugh, people scream and bawling
    Haffi pop it off
    All station staff

    Verse 2

    Bap, man dead out a street
    Daddy hear on the news say him one boy do it
    Mama belly ban, head in a hand
    Asking Lord, what me do wrong
    Why fi mi one boy turn gunman
    A wonder if a the company weh him keep
    A wonder if a true, him used to love roam the street
    Used to love roam the street (times 4)

    Bridge 1

    Shotta beat it till a morning
    Nah hear when mama calling
    Him full a tough chat and talking
    And a run when big dogs barking


    From him get up in the morning
    Haffi pop it off
    Top shotta nuh laugh, people scream and bawling
    Haffi pop it off
    All station staff

    Bridge 2
    Mama, Babylon a carry me in a jeep
    Them a box and a kick me, mama don't make them do it
    Mama, from mi little and a grow, me afraid a soldier and me don't like police

  • No Bush Weed Riddim (2014)

    No Bush Weed Riddim è una produzione Made in Sicily di Jah Sazzah...

  • New Videoclip for Forelock!

    Forelock, the voice of the Sardinian band Arawak has published the music video of Young Messenjah, a one drop song that anticipates the release of his solo album on the 1st October. The production of the song is by DJ Afghan for the Soulove Records while the direction of the music video is by Diego Capomagi Barabba and Emilio Canu. The location chosen for the video is Portoferro beach in Sardinia.
    While we are waiting for the new album, here is the link of Young Messenjah from the official channel of the Soul Love Records. Big up Forelock!

    Forelock, voce della band sarda Arawak, pubblica il videoclip di Young Messenjah, una one drop song che anticipa l’uscita del suo album solista il prossimo 1 ottobre. La produzione del brano è stata affidata a Dj Afghan per l’etichetta Soulove Records, mentre la regia del videoclip è ad opera di Diego Capomagi Barabba e Emilio Canu. La location scelta è Portoferro Beach in Sardegna. Nell’attesa di poter ascoltare per intero il suo nuovo disco, vi linkiamo il videoclip di Young Messenjah sul canale ufficiale della Soul Love Records. Big up Forelock!

  • New Kingston - Kingston City (2015)

    New Kingston’s Kingston City has impressively debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae chart. Kingston City (released January 27, 2015 on Easy Star Records) is the band’s third studio album and their first release to claim the #1 spot on the Billboard Reggae chart. The album is also their first release on the leading US reggae label Easy Star Records. The family group, which features three brothers (Stephen, Courtney Jr., and Tahir) and their father, create what Top Shelf Reggae calls, “…a genuine body of work that displays an incredible vocal range, candid lyrics and impressive instrumentals. It gives the listener the sort of meaningful connection and escape that every piece of music should provide.”

    “With its #1 debut on the reggae chart, Kingston City solidifies New Kingston’s place with the reggae elite. Their hard work, prolific touring, and positive community continue to give the band momentum in 2015,” says Easy Star CEO Eric Smith. He adds, “Furthermore it’s thrilling to see a fast rising New York band who embodies the perfect balance of old and new reggae sensibilities.”

    The new record includes 12 songs and guest appearances by members of Tribal Seeds, Hawaiian singer-songwriter Kimie Miner, Sister Carol, The Wailing Souls, and the late, great reggae legend Sugar Minott. The band is currently on tour (which includes select dates with Common Kings and Through the Roots) showcasing songs from the new album and back catalog. Press accolades for Kingston City have been pouring in from a diversity of national and international media outlets.

  • Mystic Revealers featuring Chronixx - Herb Must Legalize Now

    Check out the brand new herb legalization anthem from Mystic Revealers and Chronixx. Worldwide release coming February 3rd. Enjoy!







  • Mungo's Hi Fi ft Charlie P - Back to my roots (2015)

    From the forthcoming album "Mungo's Hi Fi ft Charlie P - You see me star".Release date 15th April 2015 - 12" vinyl LP SCOBLP005 / CD digipack SCOBCD005 / Digital formats.




    Charlie P is a raggamuffin rudeboy youth with a natural talent for music. He first appeared on stage at the age of 5 and there are some grainy youtube videos of him performing as a child. He started out singing motown and blues but reggae was in his blood since he grew up surrounded by UK-Jamaican culture. He started singing with the Goldmaster Allstars at the age of 11, but was soon drawn to soundsystems which is where he feels most at home. His uncle had been running a sound in Southend on Sea and it was his mother who encouraged him in his career.
    Charlie first came to Glasgow in 2010 for one of Mungo’s Hi Fi’s legendary nights at the Artschool. This was the beginning of their working relationship which has seen countless recording sessions and continuous touring around every corner of the globe. This album is the culmination of this ongoing relationship and brings together the best tracks across the styles that he loves, from roots reggae and dancehall to modern bass music.
    Some are surprised to see a young white guy with a Jamaican accent, but it is his musical language and Charlie is not pretending to be anything but himself - a man with a passion for good ganja and reggae dancehall.


  • Morgan Heritage Reveals "Strictly Roots" Album Cover, Announces U.S Tour Dates

    Social media was abuzz when Morgan Heritage shared the news via such vessels as Twitter, Facebookand Instagram that they were heading out on the road Spring 2015. The wait is finally over, Cool To Be Conscious Music Group has officially released the April tour dates and locations for the Morgan Heritage “Strictly Roots” 2015 World Tour. Fans in the United States can boast as being the first of many to witness the group, and experience their new album live in concert as they launch their "Strictly Roots" world tour. 

    "We always look forward to performing for our fans and touring is the ultimate performing experience to us. Simply because we get to perform new material along with the catalog for a different audience every night. All while augmenting the set night in and night out to fit a particular audience. These adjustments we make on the fly really optimize our live show because the changes that occur in our live show on tour come out of nowhere and most of all when we least expect it." - Morgan Heritage


    Albeit more dates to be announced for May, it has been confirmed that Morgan Heritage will perform at "Best Of The Best" Concert Memorial Weekendin Miami, and the Palm Beach Jerk Festival in Florida before heading to Europe. A complete listing of April’s schedule and other tour dates can be found on the Morgan Heritage official website (http://morganheritagemusic.com)

    While the lead single, "Perform and Done," from their highly anticipated album, is steadily climbing the various international charts, the siblings are gearing up to release the "Perform and Done" video  which was recently shot on location in Jamaica. The "Strictly Roots" album is slated for a Spring 2015 release date. Listen to the single now.



  • MORGAN HERITAGE New Album Strictly Roots Debuts At #1 On Billboard Reggae Albums Chart

    Strictly Roots, the recently released full-length from The Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage, has debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Album chart in its opening week, following its initial debut as the #1 Reggae Album on iTunes. The album’s impressive charting also includes #16 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Strictly Roots is currently available digitally and in retail stores nationwide including Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Barnes and Noble. Purchase Strictly Roots on iTunes, here: http://apple.co/1zzk8II or on Amazon, here: http://amzn.to/1OyYCe8. For more information, please visit: www.MorganHeritageMusic.com.

    Writer and industry tastemaker, Tomas Palermo, remarks that Strictly Roots is “a complete and satisfying album from the reggae kings. Morgan Heritage started the roots revival; good to see they are still leading the way.” 

  • Morgan Heritage - Strictly Roots (2015)

    The Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage, have released their newest album, Strictly Roots, today. The album, which has been available for pre-order since March 10th, 2015, has reached #2 on the iTunes Reggae Chart, and the first single, “Perform And Done” has received substantial rotation on commercial radio. The album is available in retail stores nationwide including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble. Purchase Strictly Roots on iTunes, here: http://apple.co/1zzk8II  or on Amazon, here: http://amzn.to/1OyYCe8.  

  • Morgan Heritage - So Amazing - Feat J Boog, Jemere Morgan And Gil Sharone

    “So Amazing" is the second single off Strictly Roots, Morgan Heritage’s 10th studio album. The album will be released digitally on April 20th, 2015 and physically April 21st, 2015.





  • Midnite x I Grade "Credited" (Official Music Video 2015)

    The music video for “Credited” was filmed at Mount Victory Camp, St. Croix and was directed by Birhan Tonge of Royal Ras Productions, a NYC-based film company that has previously collaborated on film projects with both Buss Pipe Records and I Grade Records. The innovative music video for “Credited” utilizes the original artwork created at the scene of the filming by artists Marcus Wilson and Omar Boothman. Marcus Wilson is the official Midnite artist who has painted the vast majority of Midnite’s 52 album covers.



    "Credited" (V. Benjamin, L. Alfred, D. Goldfine)
    Lyrics and vocal melodies by Vaughn Andre Benjamin (BMI)
    Song Produced by: Zion I Kings
    Drums, Percussion: Lloyd “Junior” Richards
    Bass, Percussion: David “JAH David” Goldfine
    Keyboards, Melodica & Guitars: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred
    Lead Guitar: Padraic Coursey
    Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred at Aqua Sounds Studio, STX

    Credited Music Video
    Directed, filmed & edited by: Birhan Tonge
    Additional camera work by: Ajani Clunie, Josiah Winans
    & Paul Cusin
    Original artwork: by Marcus Wilson & Omar Boothman
    Produced by: Royal Ras Productions & I Grade Records

  • Midnite - Ride Tru Promo Mix

    Yaadcore & I Grade Records present the official Ride Tru Promo Mix. Join Yaadcore and Vaughn Benjamin on this sampler journey through all 13 of the tracks on "Ride Tru". Productions by Zion I Kings, Vaughn Benjamin & Augustus Pablo. Buy album here: goo.gl/UVKatn or here: www.viroots.com


    00:00 **Vaughn Benjamin Greetings**
    00:13 Calm the Day
    02:14 To Them
    04:41 To Ge Da
    06:34 **Vaughn Benjamin Utterance**
    07:53 Restore
    09:34 Credited (full song)
    14:35 Conquering Lion
    16:30 Voices of the Remnancy
    18:00 Haile Selassie I the First Time
    20:17 Arise Again (full song)
    23:56 JAH Beseech I feat. Pressure
    24:51 Worry Free
    25:16 Worry Free Yaadcore Dub
    27:28 **Vaughn Benjamin Utterance Isaiah 43: 1-9**
    29:25 How I&I Carry On
    31:37 **Vaughn Benjamin Utterance**
    32:16 Ride Tru


  • MELLOW MOOD VIDEO: Interview with Lorenzo Garzia and Giulio Frausin @ Reggae.Today

    MELLOW MOOD VIDEO: Interview with Lorenzo Garzia and Giulio Frausin @ Reggae.Today  

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    All rights reserved.

  • MELLOW MOOD VIDEO - intervista con i Mellow Mood

    MELLOW MOOD VIDEO - intervista con i Mellow Mood
    Interview by Gigi Piccolo

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    All rights reserved.

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  • Mellow Mood ready to release "2 The World"

    Mellow Mood, the most famous Italian reggae band, are proud and happy to announce the release of a new album! "2 The World" is the twin of Twinz and will be released on April 7th through La Tempesta International. Club shows are confirmed as follows, and summer shows will be announced soon! One Love!

  • Mellow Mood feat. Forelock & Hempress Sativa - Inna Jamaica pt. 2 (2015)

    The Mellow Mood say:" Here we are! Our brand new video Inna Jamaica pt. 2 featuring Forelock and Hempress Sativa! This is the first single from our new album, entitled 2TheWorld, hitting the stores on April 7th 2015 for La Tempesta International. Orders here: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/2-the-world/id976320542

     Inna Jamaica pt. 2 feat. Forelock & Hempress Sativa
    (A. Puglia, J. Garzia, L. Garzia, K. Johnson)
    With the special collaboration of Fitzroy Dave Green and Dean Fraser.

    Album: "2 The World"
    Label: La Tempesta International

    Filmed by Mimina Di Muro
    Additional footage by Alfredo Puglia and Giulio Frausin

    Edited by Mario Di Maso

    Inna Jamaica pt. 2 (2015)

    Welcome a Jamaica
    yeh we deh deh inna Jamaica
    more time mi waan fi spend inna Jamaica
    mi nuh waan fi go away
    a so me tell you seh dis a di place mi waan fi deh

    Jamaica a di place weh yuh affi deh yes
    dem talk straight patwa need fi know wah dem a say yes
    people a bawl down pon dem knees dem still a pray yes
    hope di Almighty will listen to dem prayers yes
    well it nuh matta if yuh deh a Spanish Town or Kingston town
    tun off di phone caw yuh nuh go hear di ring tone
    music loud caw dis a music kingdom
    music come out but dem nuh see no income

    Alkebulan I descendants from but Jamaica mi born and grow
    yellow fi the sun green fi land black for the strength that the people have shown
    over the years they’ve sold exploited resources so we don’t own
    so how can this be my home
    Africa mi saying but still I will welcome you to Jamrock dung in Kingston town
    big sound string up and roots sell by the quarters
    dread natty so dread eyes red from chalwah weh mi unda
    man a rub a dub a hold a dawta
    Mellow Mood’s in paradise living the life on the island of wood and water

    The Gideon seh a bare ragamuffin inna wi clic
    weh we boss it nuh go stick
    disya di island weh di music affi hit it affi hit
    from di zinc fence door up to di real concrete
    Mellow Mood Hempress Sativa Forelock depon di line
    reaching all di humans weh di light still shine
    yuh see how we ready fi bright
    caw we following the Most High guide

    Long time me waan come visit
    dis land mi always hear about it
    yah so da fyah nuh stop burning
    whole heap a youths hear Rasta calling
    real vibe inna my blood a flowing
    Sativa she a drive dis journey
    mi a seh full up enough your soul
    and when yuh full open up your eyes
    disya Jamaica