• The Skatalites @ Reggae.Today - Interview with Ken Stewart

    THE SKATALITES @ Reggae.Today (Live show & Interview) Exclusive video interview with The Skatalites during their last tour in Italy. Check it out!

  • The Bluebeaters - Roll With It [Official Video]

    We’re extremely proud to present you the return of one of the most exciting Blue Beat band ever existed. After six years from their last full lenght “Combo” released on Universal Music, The Bluebeaters returns with the brand new single "Roll With It" taken from forthcoming new album Everybody Knows expected to land on Record Kicks next 13 of April. The rudies have re-arranged Oasis seminal hit "Roll With It" like it was recorded in Kingston Jamaica in the middle of the ska-crazy period, the result is a total scorcher... 100% Dynamite! "Roll With It" is out Today on a ltd edition 45 and digital download. Watch the video by John Snellinberg.

    Active since 1994 with 4 studio albums for V2 and Universal Music and 2 gold records under the belt, The Bluebeaters during the last 20 years of their career have headlined festivals like Rototom Sun Splash and International Ska Fest in London. Amongst their fans, there are folks like David Rodigan, Gaz Mayall and the legendary late lamented Lloyd Knibb (The Skatalites).

    COMPOSER/LYRICIST: Noel Gallagher
    PUBLISHER: Sony Music Publishing
    Streaming/Embed Player on Soundcloud and Bandcamp
    (p) & (c) 2015 Record Kicks


  • The BlueBeaters - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

    The BlueBeaters,kicks off the Holiday Season with a special present for you! Have a listen to their brand new Xmas single "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus", it's in #freedownload on Record Kicks Bandcamp shop. The track has been originally released by the Ronettes in 1963 for The Phil Spector's "A Christmas Gift for You" album. Curious how the album was a flop upon its initial release and only became popular in 1972 when rereleased by Apple.

    Released by: Record Kicks
    Release date: 1 December 2014


  • The Bluebeaters - Everybody Knows (2015)

    The Bluebeaters are finally back with a brand new album. 'Everybody Knows' is the fifth studio album from the Italian rock steady & ska giants and the magic formula remains unchanged. The Bluebeaters take a bunch of hits from the past and present and re-arrange the songs as if they were recorded in Kingston, Jamaica in the 60s and early 70s. The classy musicianship of the combo, lead by original members and top musicians Mr T-bone (Derrick Morgan of New York Ska Jazz Ensemble and The Slackers) on trombone, Paolo "The Angelo" Parpaglione on sax, Count Ferdi on drums, Cato on guitar and Pat "Alton Ellis" Cosmo on vocals, enables them to give the songs a totally brand new life. All songs are cooked with The Bluebeater's unique and super spicy Jamaican sauce. From the first single - Oasis' 'Roll With It' - to The Undertones seminal punk hit 'Teenage Kicks', Kraftwerk's 'The Model', The Smith's "Girlfriend in a Coma", Neil Young's titletrack, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner "End Titles" or Jamaican Ska forgotten pearls like "Somebody Has Stolen My Girl"by Delroy Wilson and "True Confession"by The Silvertones, we're in safe hands. The Bluebeaters deliver 14 scorching old school ska and reggae tracks with the power to set every dancefloor on fire.

  • Protoje - Answer To Your Name - brand new single!

    Answer To Your Nameis the 3rd Official single from the album Ancient Future,produced by Winta James and Lewis Planter.Pre-Order out now bit.ly/ancientfuture. Check out!








    Like to tell you a story about a girl I know

    Or should I say a girl I used to know

    1971 inna England

    Fresh off the plane to my dame inna Brixton

    No, she never ask 'bout flight

    Two month now no telegram write

    Hey, she send taxi fi I

    She gone a some house party tonight

    So call me artical like

    Make a few call get a couple invite

    Inna the place me gone

    Never leff Yard from the day me born

    Right up front who me staring pon

    You can tell say a she by the way she gwaan

    Christine, Christina, Crystal

    Try all a dem and she still never respond

    Understand, catch a pree from a distance

    Man hand gone inna pants fi a six-pance

    Whoa! Tuff guys beside her

    She naa reply when I say hi to her

    So dem go try bring violence in the parr

    Need I remind these kind that I nuh war

    So me turn fi walk away

    But a likkle voice in my head start talk to me

    Tell me walk right pass her

    To the sound, take the mic and ask her

    Girl! Why don't you answer to your name?

    Girl! Why don't you answer to your name?

    And girl I know you see me

    And you know I see you too

    So what is it gonna be

    Tell me what you wanna do

    What's with this great mystery

    After all that we been through

    Now you're refusing to look my way, eh

    My likkle darling

    Know she stay so from morning

    Where she grew was appalling

    Want fi make it right so she take the flight

    Heard the city lights calling

    From the day she been crawling

    All she hear bout is foreign

    Say we a keep the link

    Now wah me fi think see the plans dem sinking

    Deep, new year reach

    Accent gone pon all part a you speech

    Don Gorgon dem u waa fi go meet

    Like she be the real topanaris a street

    Please, watch how me calmness a do it

    Naa bat a lid, as a morning I leave

    But how me fi walk right pass you miss

    Haffi look inna you eye and ask you this

    And I know you know what I'm talking about

    Girl see you in the crowd and act like she don't know

    But me naa take no stylin', no punkin' or no joke


    Girl why you dweet (Girl why you dweet!)

    Girl why you dweet (Girl why you dweet!)

    No it no sweet (No it no sweet!)

    No it no sweet (No it no sweet!)


  • Ninja Crown - Tribute to Rocksteady

    Ninja Crown, selector of Mighty Crown, continues to create his series of Loaded mix and takes the time out to produce a special edition titled "Tribute to Rock-steady".

  • Love Situation (2014)

    Tarrus Riley, figlio di Jimmy Riley, ex componente degli  Uniques e dei Techniques, pubblica Love Situation...

  • Growing (2014)

    Ritorno in grande stile per i Train To Roots, dopo due anni di concerti in giro per l’Europa....

  • Full Up (2014)

    A post rocksteady jamboree of Striker Lee's early reggae productions. Includes some pulsating instrumentals, soulful vocals and twisting dj verbosity...

  • Do Parole è il nuovo video dei Sud Sound System

    Do Parole, è il nuovo singolo dei Sud Sound System. Tratto dal loro nuovo album Sta Tornu,questa canzone è un vero tuffo negli anni 60, una ballata d'amore dal mood rocksteady che ripercorre la tradizione giamaicana da sempre inspirata ai vecchi successi della black music. Vi linkiamo il videoclip del brano sul canale YouTube della grande band salentina.