• Forelock & Arawak - Zero (La Tempesta Dub)

    "Zero" is a 12 tracks album and it marks the debut of Forelock & Arawak, who are starting a new chapter in the italian reggae music. It is produced by Paolo Baldini (sound engineer for Mellow Mood, Dubfiles, Tre allegri ragazzi morti and benchmark for the reggae music in Italy).

    Steel Pulse, Juba Lion and Dennis Bovell are the big artists partecipating in this adventure. The projects is labeled " La Tempesta Dub" , a Tempesta Dischi's sub-label.

    The passion for upbeat music and the celebration of the Jamaican culture are explicied in the seventh track “Raverz", where Arawaks not only arranged a cover of one of the most memorable Steel Pulse's masterpieces, but also involved the singer David Hinds himself. The result is a real reggae party.

    The real protagonists of the whole album are Forelock's extraordinary vocal skills that come out from the bounderies of the musical genre in songs like "Mother's Blood" or "Global Backfire". This last one rapresents a fierce and harsh criticism of our global system and is also one of the most intense vocal tracks included in "Zero".
    The album has been anticipated by the single "A Ah Wha We Wait For", another vivid critique to our modern society that is dedicated to those who prefer to stay still instead of opposing.

    “Zero”, the debut album of Forelock & Arawak, is out now via La Tempesta Dub label. Check it out!

  • DubFiles (2014)

    Born from an idea of Paolo Baldini, on the 14th October the first full-length album from the DubFilesproject was released. Baldini, bassist of Africa Unite and BR Stylers, in the last few years has made a name for himself as one of the most interesting Italian music producers.