• Bunji Garlin & Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - The Message (2015)

    Trinidadian soca star Bunji Garlin and Jamaican Grammy-winning reggae artist Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley team up on "The Message," a passionate forward-thinking song fighting for the souls of our youth and the future generation. Check it!

    The two Caribbean artists merge soca, dancehall and reggae into a universal sound on this world cry anthem, produced by Philip "Jr. Blender" Meckseper. They go verse for verse addressing society's illls and Marley delivers a powerful hook aspiring for change. "There is music in your soul, minerals in your soil, children full of beauty worth way much more than oil. While history unfolds, don't let the good things spoil, oh no."

    Bunji Garlin gives more insight behind the collaboration."We recorded this song at Gong's studio in Florida. It was a 4am studio session after we spent about an hour and a half just talking and getting a vibe off of each other's knowledge, views and energies. I appreciate the project and artist because we were able to let both our musical backgrounds work for us to execute this. It is almost a fable to see the son of reggae legend and also a legend in his own right and artist of the soca genre meld so effortlessly."

    Marley is slated to perform in Garlin's homeland on October 30th, 2015 in Tobago at Pigeon Point (Colours Of Reggae) and October 31st, 2015 in Trinidad at Hasley Crawford Stadium (Reggae On The Bay Presents Hennessy Artistry).


    Bunji Garlin & Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - The Message (2015)



  • Bugle - Survivor (Official Video 2015)

    New music video by Bugle performing "Survivor"From the "7th Heaven Riddim"...check it out!


    Bugle - Survivor (Official Video 2015) 

  • British Dependency - Close Your Eyes (2015)

    The first single from their impending album, The Conversation, is released by British Dependency Songs Ltd., and distributed by VPAL/VP. "Close Your Eyes" was written by band members Joyah Gumbs, Jaiden Fleming and Ishmael Keith along with Davon Carty and legendary producer Collin York. York, who has worked with Brittney Spears, Madonna, Rihanna, Michael Franti, Maxi Priest, Jimmy Cliff, Chaka Kahn, Cindy Lauper and Boy George, was one of the Band's frontrunners to produce the album along with Dwayne Anglin, lead singer for the Wailers. Of the project he remarks, "The dynamics of the band is very different, unusual. They remind me of The Fugees or Black Uhuru - very talented." Mr. Anglin adds, "The project has great potential. It has surpassed our expectations."

    The Reggae/R&B tinged single is new member, Ishmael Keith's first introduction to the band's fan base since joining the group in June 2014. The natural chemistry that is evident in the delivery of the single makes it a crossover contender. Victor E. Lewis adds, "With this single, we are looking forward to embarking on another touring season. It's exciting to know that the appeal of the single will broaden our market thus exposing the band to a wider range of not only fans but also venues and festivals." Recently named LIME Anguilla Brand Ambassadors, British Dependency will perform "Close Your Eyes" for the first time at the launch of Caribbean Dreamers Live concert series on May 12, 2015 in New York City at Le Poison Rouge.

    Hailing from the British Isle of Anguilla, British Dependency brings Root, Heart and Soul to Reggae music by fusing various genres with their three piece ensemble, drum, guitar and bass. Their unique and eclectic sound appeals not only to those with a discerning musical palate but also those who are avid reggae fans.

    Adding to their vintage sound is a fresh take on the overall feel and look of the band which consists of Anguilla's first female bass player, Joyah along with drummer, Jaiden and lead vocalist and guitar player, Ishmael. On November 20, 2013 the band released their debut album, Finding Wisdom. The 10 track album, currently in rotation on Sirius XM Radio, showcases the group's eclectic sound with a diverse playlist, that is a perfect mix of love ballads, "Fly Away," "Do You This," "Look Into My Eyes," empowerment singles, "One," "Change," "Wisdom," "Casket Closed," and life lesson single "Small Minded People." The band delivers each track with an ease that is sure to transport listeners to a state nirvana.

    The Band lives by the mantra, "Creating music that reflects originality, talent, togetherness, bravery and wisdom. Our Music, Our Future, Our Independence." With that they continue to push the boundaries and open new roads of empowerment and forward-thinking.


    Released by:
    British Dependency Songs LTD/VPAL Music
    Release date:
    28 April 2015

  • Brand new! Romain Virgo - General [Official Music Video]

    Brand new! Romain Virgo - General [Official Music Video] produced by Code 91 Records



    Romain Virgo - General (Lyrics)

    Phone call to heaven
    Long fi reason wid me fren
    Mi one and only fren
    Woo woo woo wooohooo

    You are still me general, believe me
    You are the only fren weh never deceive me
    You are me general, me general
    You ratings stand tall
    You are the greatest of them all

    Salute me salute you
    To me you always stay tru too
    You never switch, never snitch
    Encourge and tell me, me ago make it
    Me wish you did deh yah me bredda
    Fi help me share the cheddah
    Memba when we did a suffah

    You are still me general, believe me
    You are the only fren weh never deceive me
    You are me general, me general
    You ratings stand tall
    You are the greatest of them all

    I know god nah give a man more than him caw bear
    But I also know the good ones gone too soon I swear
    You worth more than diamond and gold
    Truth be told
    The two a we should a role til we get old

    You are still me general, believe me
    You are the only one weh never deceive me
    You are me general, me general
    You ratings stand tall
    You are the greatest of them all

    I remember when we use to role
    Any day, any hours a night
    When we sneek out
    you look out, protect me with your eyes
    Violate no guy couldn't try
    If a fight me deh deh right by yuh side
    You defend me, me defend you

    You are me general, believe me
    You are the only fren weh never deceive me
    You are me general, me general
    You ratings stand tall
    You are the greatest of them all

    Forever be mi general
    Stand tall..never fall..never fall

  • Brand New MixCd Collection By KALIBANDULU // DECEMBER 2014 Vol.48

    Kalibandu Sound from Italy presents the Next One Mash Up Mixtape to add to the large collection entitled “Brand New Mix CD Collection” Collection that this talented Italian Sound System started for 4 years already. Mixtape made by a month gathering the great sounds, singles and riddims released this month, all this retouched, sometimes mixed and remixed by Kalibandulu. For December 2014, Kalibandulu releases the Volume 48. More than 1 hour of Dancehall Mix by downloading this mixtape on your computer or listening via our soundcloud platform.

  • Boomdabash – Il sole ancora feat. The Bluebeaters (Official Video)

    Music video by Boomdabash feat. The Bluebeaters performing Il Sole Ancorataken from their upcoming album "#RadioRevolution" out 16th June. Share the vibes!

  • BoomDaBash - Un Attimo (Official Video 2015)

    BoomDaBash, one of the most popularitalian reggae-dancehall band,  presents "Un attimo",the brand new single and videoclip produced by Soulmatical. "Un attimo"is now available for free download! Check it out!


    booking & management: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




    Quante volte ho visto il numero uno
    Dire al numero due non sei nessuno
    Pensavi di non poter essere distrutto
    Ci vuole un attimo per far cadere tutto
    Una volta impara ca nienti ede Pe sempre
    Ca tuttu po cangiare forse ci Nci minti l anima
    Un altra volta impara nu serveNu le guerre
    Ci vuè resti PE sempre tocca cu nci minti L anima
    Ci putia rinascere ntorna
    Era Lu stessu ntorna
    Comu nu discu te piace e bbuei ntorna
    Ci putia rinascere ntorna sine comu na mamma
    Ca varda lu figghiu e lu ole ntorna.
    Quante volte ho visto il numero uno
    Dire al numero due non sei nessuno
    Pensavi di non poter essere distrutto
    Ci vuole un attimo per far cadere tutto
    Quante volte ho visto crescere qualcuno
    Ed un altro dopo diventar nessuno
    Pensavi di non poter essere distrutto
    Ci vuole un attimo per far cadere tutto.

    When you start from the bottom and you reach the top, that's the moment yuh ah go fall
    You try to do your best bu everything is getting hard
    Sometimes a good man is not enough
    Man yuh betta neva let yuh heart be so lazy
    Cause everything in this life has a reason
    Walking on di easy road could be amazing
    But yuh soon ah go find yuhself cryin' alone

    You have to be wise
    And strong
    Wise and strong


  • BoomDaBash - Radio Revolution (Soulmatical 2015)

    Radio Revolution, the new record by the Boomdabash, is a reggae/dancehall album contaminated both in the undertones – it refers to pop with taste, without forgetting the salentine musical roots and the rhythms on the upbeat peculiar to Jamaican tradition – and in the contents, ranging from themes of social commitment ( the group is always frontline in different campaigns for the safeguard of the territory and public health), to more funny tunes, so that Radio Revolution can be summarized into 3 macro topics: merriment, commitment and love.

    A record which sets to music the creed of the Boomdabash, that is “music can change the world”, a real warning addressed to themselves as artists and to the other musicians to devote their talent and visibility in the service of social relations and common good. An imperative to act, a stimulus for young people to commit to changing the order of things and commonplaces. But it is also an album which sings sentiments (love above all) and tells the Caribbean soul of Salento.

    In the end an album which sees among the featuring J-Ax (in the song “Il solito italiano") and  Alessandra Amoroso ( in the tune “A tre passi da te”), collaborations which makes the work more mainstream of the salentino group, besides the Bluebeaters (combination in “ Il sole ancora” edited with relative video) https://youtu.be/nyiDhHFvNA0 

    Welcome back Boomdabash! Radio Revolution is a big album...check it out!

  • Bob Marley "One Love" – Official fan-made music video

    Enjoy this brand new music, made by fans, for the fans, as part of Ben & Jerry’s, #SatisfyMyBowl #Legend30 project.


    Back in October, Ben & Jerry’s launched a new, Marley-inspired ice cream flavor called Satisfy My Bowl. Consisting of Banana ice cream with caramel, cookie swirls, graham cracker crumbles and chocolate peace signs, Satisfy My Bowl is currently a limited-edition release available in the UK as well as selection countries in the EU. Additionally, proceeds from the sales of Satisfy My Bowl will go to support the 1Love Foundation and PYE‘s joint, collaborative youth empowerment camp for underserved children in Jamaica.

    To celebrate the partnership – along with this past Summer’s 30th anniversary re-release of Legend – Ben & Jerry’s, Universal and the Marley family teamed up with a video contesting platform called Tongal to create a new, official “One Love” music video! Fans and filmmakers alike were encouraged to submit 140-character theses of their video ideas, from which a subsequent treatment-submission round took shape, leading to a final video-submissions stage wherein multiple music videos from different fans from around the world took part.

    Above is the winning submission, from the production team Painting In Pictures. We hope you enjoy, and stay tuned next month to check out second-place winner!


  • Barrington Levy - Murdera (Acoustic Version 2015)

    "Murdera" is the first single to come off of Barrington Levy's newest album entitled Acousticalevy, coming out May 5th...check it out!

    Graphic Producer: Gael Jean-Louis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Bambaata Marley - If You Go (Official Lyric Video 2015)

    Brand new lyric video by Bambaata Marleyperforming "If You Go",enjoy it!


    Bambaata Marley - If You Go (Official Lyric Video 2015)

  • Backbeat Soundsystem - Come Undone - Official Video 2015

    Official video for 'Come Undone', the new single from 'Together not Apart'. In stores now on Easy Star Records. Check it out!




     Video: Directed and Produced by Ant Barrett / Resolve Film

    http://www.backbeatsoundsystem.com  | http://www.easystar.com

    visit http://www.facebook.com/backbeatsound... for tickets and more info

    WEDNESDAY 1st APRIL / Voodoo Lounge, Plymouth
    **THURSDAY 2ND APRIL / Thekla, Bristol
    **FRIDAY 3rd APRIL / The Vic, Swindon
    **SATURDAY 4th APRIL / Passing Clouds, London
    FRIDAY 10th APRIL / The Phoenix, Exeter
    SATURDAY 11th APRIL / The Factory, Barnstaple
    THURSDAY 16th APRIL / The Moon, Cardiff
    FRIDAY 17th APRIL / Ohana’s, Newquay
    SATURDAY 18th APRIL / The Unicorn, Porthtowan

    **(Bank Holiday Weekend)



  • Assassin aka Agent Sasco - Theory of Reggaetivity (Germaica Digital 2016)

    Theory of Reggaetivity is a pivotal album in the discography of Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco. For the past 15 years, the Jamaican vocalist has earned credibility through his dense catalogue of dancehall hits (spanning over 300 singles) and more recently for his Hip Hop collaborations (including Kanye West's "I'm In It"and Kendrick Lamar's "The Blacker the Berry"). On his new third studio album, the vocalist goes back to dancehall's foundation and expands his reach to Reggae - delivering his most honest record that parallels his maturation over the past 10 years. In contrast to Assassin's more Dancehall-driven releases -Infiltration (2005) and Gully Sit’n (2007) - The Theory of Reggaetivity's foundation is purely Reggae.

    Theory of Reggaetivity” is my musical study of the principles of Reggae music. What makes Reggae … Reggae? What are the birth marks, the unique, distinguishing characteristics of the music? I like the idea of a theory because it's a supposition, therefore it leaves room for improvements and amendments. Like with all learning it does not propose that one knows all there is to know on the subject and leaves room for expansion,” says Assassin.

    The album's title, a play on words, makes a nod to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Setting the tone of the album, the title track and "Reggae Origins" examine the birth of Reggae beyond its pioneers. Assassin's description is more scientific because he questions the possibilities of Reggae playing a role in the Big Bang and the vibration of weather patterns as the building blocks of the genre, which inherently are building blocks of life.

    Given Reggae's reputation of being by the people and for the people, he carries the tradition of a messenger by reaching people on a human level, incorporating more live instrumentation and harmonizing than he has done on any of his previous material. Assassin portrays the genre as a complex subject that is not just a medium of expression, but also a soundtrack of motivation ("J.O.B.”), struggle (“Slave No More” feat. Chronixx), achievement ("Stronger"), love (“Crazy” feat. Elesia Iimura) and celebration ("Feel Highrie"). Assassin, who got his name by annihilating any competition with his lyrical wordplay, also stays true to his crafty lyricism - evident on the album’s first single “Mix Up”.

    From Los Angeles to New York to Kingston - Assassin recorded the album internationally and worked with a variety of producers like Ranch Entertainment, Unga Barunga, Silly Walks, Chimney, Notice Productions, Protoje’s Diggy British, Theo Butler or Niko Browne to provide a live music texture of heavy One-Drop Riddims and majestic horns, reminiscent of the style pioneered by the genre's legends like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown. Assassin also co-produced “Day In Day Out”,  “J.O.B.”, "Africa" and "Crazy" under his Sound Age Entertainment."

  • Apache Indian - Election Crisis (Official Video 2015)

    Reggae artist Apache Indian is set to release a hot new track, 'Election Crisis’, which is already setting fire to the airwaves at radio stations up and down the UK. Slated for release on 30th March, the track scathingly blasts the state of British politics, capturing the atmosphere of disaffection and disappointment felt amongst much of the voting public.

    Famously known for his UK Top 5 hit song ‘Boom Shack-A-Lak’, during his 20 year career Apache Indian has worked with artists from around the world: touring with Sean Paul and recording with Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, UB40, Shaggy, Boy Georgeand Prasof the Fugees. Never one to run scared from controversial issues, Apache is also known for tackling difficult subjects with his music such as arranged marriages, AIDS, alcohol & drug misuse, caste system and more.

    Election Crisis is a hard hitting dancehall reggae style track produced by Charlie Hype, who working alongside Jim Beanz has produced for music industry superstars Timbaland, Wu Tang Clang, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, Fat Joe, Craig David and Raekwon. The song’s lyrics raise serious questions about the state of the nation in the face of the May General Elections the importance of making the right choices when voting. With every line Apache goes for the jugular, cleverly addressing the key issues at the heart of this year’s elections: immigration, unemployment, poverty, bankers’ bonuses and cuts to public services.

    “The song wasn’t easy to write but some things need to be said. This is a crisis. We have schools and universities making cuts whilst fees are on the rise. We have £3 billion a year to spend on nuclear weapons, but every day they’re slashing budgets for the NHS. 140,000 people are out of work in Birmingham, whilst the bankers fall back on big fat bonuses and the rich and powerful slip through tax loopholes. This is definitely a crisis and a lot of people don’t know who to turn to. People are either are confused about who to vote for or have just stopped caring!”

    For Apache this is not just another song, ‘Election Crisis’ highlights the current political reality for many people in the UK. Apache himself has worked very closely with his community in Handsworth, Birmingham over the years, in particular helping the young people in the area. Two years ago Apache set up the 'Apache Indian Music Academy' (A.I.M), a music academy based at South and City College on Soho Road, Handsworth. The A.I.M Academy is a registered non-profit charity, run by Apache on a voluntary basis for free, with the aim of helping young people with music and life skills.

    AIM has become very popular in the community, drawing up to 70 young people weekly. The Academy is now supported by various local sponsors that provide food, water, clothing and various other things that benefit the young people on a weekly basis. The college offers further support by encouraging young people to enrol on courses and provide advice about apprenticeship and jobs.

    Apache's vision was to encourage the community to help each other without any money passing hands and without any funding. His vision has worked and is growing every week with more young people attending the Academy and with more local businesses wanting to help.

    The Academy and its students are featured in the music video of 'Election Crisis'.

    Show your support for the Movement that is making a real difference by downloading 'Election Crisis’ from iTunes, Google play or Amazon Monday 30th March 2015, with partial proceeds going to the Apache Indian Music Academy (AIM).


    Apache Indian's new single "Election Crisis", produced by Charlie Hype, featured on Sky News.


  • Anthony B - March Outta Babylon (Official Video 2015)

    Anthony B  "March Outta Babylon"is taken from the "Pinapple Kush Riddim"...check it out!



    Mixed by: SELAH (JAH OVA EVIL RECS., JA)
    Mastering by: STERLING STUDIOS (N.Y., USA)


  • Anthony B - How Do You Sleep - brand new video!

    Anthony B - How Do You Sleep -brand new videoclip...check it out!

















    Hello mister Holness
    And Mrs P
    I know you are the leaders of Jamaica
    Come on and talk to me
    How do you feel when you see the hopeless run the street?
    Who do you pray for nightly for his needs
    Tell me when you look in the ghetto
    Are you proud?

    How do you sleep when the rest of us rise
    How do you feel when the mother have no hope to give her child
    How do you work wid your head held high?
    You cant even look me in my eyes

    (Verse 1)
    What do you know about hard work?
    Doing four jobs and never get raise a pay
    Let me tell you bout hard work
    Working on the form until you old and grey
    Let me tell you bout hard work
    Try fi get back your house after bank tek it away
    Let me tell you bout hard work
    Politician nuh know hard work

    (Repeat Chorus)

    (Verse 2)
    Beautiful Jamaica
    The land of wood and water
    This island is so bless
    But every leaders wi get in a wi country
    Turn out to be
    Marcus Garvey did tell wi
    And now dem spit pon Marcus Garvey grave
    That`s why mi talking to mister intellect
    The big guys weh sit down up in a the cabinet
    Now this is a letter coming from utech
    Think next time before you read the budget

  • Alpha Steppa Meets Don Fe Ft Reality SoulJahs

    Alpha Steppa Meets Don Fe featuring Reality SoulJahs. After the success of Steppas Records' previous collaboration with Don Fe it was inevitable a second instalment would surface. This time with musical and lyrical support from label head Alpha Steppa and long time UK Roots vocal duo Reality SoulJahs, respectively. A heavy steppers riddim from Don Fe featuring the conscious militant lyrics of Reality SoulJahs accompanied by an earth-shattering Alpha Steppa version and dub mixes from both camps. Mastered with maximum clarity and bass pressure and housed in the brand new reverse-board 300gsm Steppas Records house-bag.

    The Reality duo initiated their musical kinship in 1990 with the launch of their Reality Sound System. From the early days of lifting boxes and recording dubplates, this North London duo have gone on to forge a powerful relationship and have established themselves as intelligent and instantly recognisable vocal and lyrical talents. An integral part of today's UK roots reggae scene.

    UK born musician and producer based in Spain for over 20 years, Don Fe’s passion since the age of five has been music, classically trained in piano, flute and theory and as from sixteen reggae. From his humble beginnings in the 80s with a 4 track and a TDK D90 his riddims and productions are now being played by the world’s most respected sounds – Channel One, Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas and many more all over the world.


  • Alpha Blondy - No Brain, No Headache (Official Video 2015)

    Alpha Blondy's "No Brain, No Headache"is the first single from his upcoming album "Positive Energy"out May 18th 2015. Roots rock reggae...check it out!


    Alpha Blondy - No Brain, No Headache (Official Video 2015)

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALPHABLONDY
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ALPHABLONDY0
    Official website: http://www.alphablondy.info



  • Alborosie - Rocky Road (Official Video 2015)

    Music video by Alborosie performing "Rocky Road" directed by Tony Fisher © 2015 Shengen Ent.Check it out!


    Alborosie - Rocky Road (Official Video 2015) 


  • Alborosie - Poser (Official Video 2015)

    New music video by Alborosieperforming Poser,directed by Tony Fisher © 2015 Shengen Ent | Oufah Music...check it out!