I-Shence presents ICONS VOL.IV - Barrington Levy

In Jamaica it is customary to attribute nicknames to most of those who stand out in music. Thanks to his gentle and melodic voice Barrington Ainsworth Levy has earned the nickname of “Mellow canary“ of Reggae. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to compare his abilities to those of a hummingbird, the "Doctor Bird" national symbol of the Caribbean island, but whatever match you prefer, the point is the same: his lyrics run graceful gracefully and gentle gently on the syncopated rhythm of the music we love. It’s a distinctive quality, a trademark that you recognize as each song begins, like Gregory Isaacs for example. The story of Barrington Levy is that of a singer who rose through the ranks during a training period in the back rooms of Jamaica’s most important studios. Then, when the opportunity arrived, he seized it.
Born with The Mighty Multitudes, soon Levy decided to pursue a solo career incited encouraged mainly by his cousin and visionary producer Hyman Wright, founder of the Jah Life label. Actually, the career of Barrington Levy owes much of its success to the appreciation of his songs outside of Jamaica.  The United States and Britain helped him achieve his final breakthrough thanks to massive productions by Jah Life and Henry Junjo Lawes, producer of the Volcano label. From 1980, for a full ten years, the singer churned out an impressive array of hits and although his music is deeply implanted in the Roots of Reggae, the new style of Rub a Dub fit in perfectly for his songs.
His voice on the legendary green and yellow, Greensleeves  label travelled around Europe thanks to a series of DISCOMIX’s of fine workmanship. "Dances are Changing" for Channel One, is the harbinger of a new trend of Reggae that will pull the music to safety after the premature death of Marley. In 1985 with "Here I Come", Barrington Levy lays down the historical foundations of what will be his style till the present day and the track climbed the charts of best selling single’s chart in the UK.  The barriers restricting Reggae to being a genre understood only by insiders are torn down and the productions that come after come close to Pop and gains for Levy the chance to collaborate with eminent names in Hip Hop and electronic music such as Rascalz and Aphrodite. Fragments of his voice, along with those of Super Cat and Tenor Saw, are among the most sampled and cited in productions from Reggae or Dancehall
Top of the World: on the roof of the world without having to renounce his background as a foundation singer. His duets with the most established DJ’s on the island like Bounty Killer, Cutty Ranks and Beenieman are fundamental for selections of reggae disc jockeys and Sound systems around the world and favorites of fans of this music.
In this collection I-Shence highlights the productions of artists who have become icons in the strictest sense of the term.
The singer who comes from the parish of Clarendon stands of law in this small circle of people whose contribution has been critical to the emergence of new trends of Reggae. Dancehall Rock: word of Barrington Levy
Introduction by Mercy Far I (Cool runnings)



01. Vice versa love
02. Looking my love
03. No fuss no fight
04. Shine eye girl
05. Collie weed
06. Wife and sweetheart dem a friend
07. A yah we deh
08: Shaolin temple
09. English man
10. Bounty hunter
11. Many changes in life
12. Do good
13. Poor man style
14. Robber man
15. Open book
16. Rock and come in
17. Dances are changing
18. 21 girls salute
19. My woman
20. Prison oval rock
21. Mine yuh mouth
22. Money move
23. Under mi sensi
24. Under mi sensi Feat. Beenie Man
25. Murderer
26. Come in a dance
27. Teach the youths
28. On the telephone
29. Black roses
30. Here i come
31. She's mine
32. My time
33. Too experienced
34. Two sounds
35. Two sounds Feat. Beenie Man
36. Work Feat. Jigsy King
37. Dancehall rock Feat. Cutty Ranks
38. Living dangerously Feat. Bounty Killer
39. Bonnie and shyne Feat Shyne
40. Top of world Feat. Racalz
41. Bad boys Feat. Shyne
42. Sweat Feat. Mr. Vegas & Sasha
43. Only you Feat. Shaggy
44. Vibe is right


About the Author



I-SHENCE was founded in 1996 in Perugia (Italy).
In 1999 they started organizing events and cutting dubplates, thank's to I-SHENCE the Perugia massive have seen artists like Sizzla, Buju Banton, Morgan Heritage, Barrington Levy, Bushman, The Wailers, Luciano, The I-Threes, Sugar Minnot, Tristan Palmer, General Degree and many more...and also sounds like: Killamanjaro, Pow Pow, One Love, Soundquake, David Rodigan, LP I'ntl, Supersonic and many others in they're own small town and Perugia started being considered as one of Italy's hottest yards.
From 2001 to 2006 I-SHENCE participated in 4 soundclashes in Italy winning all except against Villa Ada at the X-Mas clash in Padova, one in France(Marseille)losing in tune fi tune... and one in Spain "SPANISH CLASH '06" Bringing home the trophy !!!
In December 2006 I-Shence were invited to perform at the Mass in Brixton, London by David Rodigan where they juggled together longside !!!
In 2007 I-SHENCE continued to tour all over Italy and performed abroad in Spain, Belgium, Germany and for the first time in JAMAICA on Easter Friday at DUTTY FRIDAYS (Fletchers Land, Kingston) before Fire Links, Bounty Killer and Mavado !!!!!
In the same year some members of I-SHENCE moved to Kingston Jamaica for 4 months were they collected dubplates for themselves and provided a Dubplate service for many European sounds which continues and has been successful to this day.
In 2008 I-Shence participated in the "Call the undertaker clash" A home and away clash; 1 in Mannheim (Germany) and 1 in Rome (Italy) It ended in a tie, I-Shence winning in Germany and Citylock winning in Italy!!!
In 2013 I-Shence toured with HALF PINT in Spain, Ibiza & Italy and in 2014 they clashed with Ma Gash from switzerland defeating them in the dub fi dub !
2014 also saw the return of I-Shence in Jamaica where they performed at the Road block in Port Antonio and B&G mondays in downtown Kingston!